Friday Haiku - Soon

Haiku Friday

Vacation is soon.
A trip down to Branson, Mo.
for the whole fam'ly.

All three of my boys
And Bitsy will come along
As will my Annie.

The whole fam-dam-ly.
Headed down to the country.
For some R and R.

But the question is
Will we still like each other
After close quarters.

A week of me is
All some people can endure
Good luck, my fam'ly.


Huckdoll said...

From my experience, being in close quarters with the fam is what some of the best memories are made from.

Sounds perfect.

Nan said...

It will be great! The only thing to watch out for is cooking and chores like that. Make sure one person isn't a martyr or they will never let anyone forget!

Shadow said...

heee heee heee, very good. they do say that family should be administered in small dosages....

Kim said...

I hope you have a great time Lou..spending time with my family is something I never tire of.. Enjoy.

Nicole said...

Och, I bet they know you well enough to still like you afterward ;)

Employee No. 3699 said...

'The whole fam-dam-ly' I like that.

I'm sure you'll all have a great time.

Loraine said...

I think you'll have fun.
If MY family had to be in close quarters for an extended period of time, I'm not sure we'd all make it out unscathed. Of course, two of my kids are still in the "Don't touch me" phase.

Joyce-Anne said...

As with anything, you all will get "used to it" and then "get over it" heehee. Have fun!

Momisodes said...

I'm sure everyone will like you just the same. How could they not?

So glad you're all getting a chance to getaway!

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

A family vacay! Hope you have lots of fun times that will become great memories.

Jientje said...

It will be wonderful, you'll see!

Ree said...

I thought Mr. Hot was the only one who said, "whole fam-damly". ;-)

Hyphen Mama said...

My parents LOVE Branson! I wanted to set up a summer trip there with them this year, but somehow they didn't have the time.

Travel with family is tough stuff no matter how much you love them.

Tara R. said...

Hope you all have a fabulous time! My family all work on the Ben Franklin rules for visits - Fish and guests stink after three days.

LceeL said...

Huckdoll: Some of the funniest, anyway.

Nan: Right. SWMBO needs time off, too. I know that. I just hope it works out that way.

Shadow: Small dosage. Absolutely.

Kim: Yeah. Me, too. I love it when i have all three sons together.

Nicole: I hope so.

Employee: We WILL try, for sure.

Loraine: That 'phase' takes time. A Long time.

Joyce-Anne: SWMBO's favorite expression - 'Get over it!'

Momisodes: Thanks, Sandy. Me, too.

HollyATOM: We WILL try.

Jientje: I hope so.

Ree: Nope. Me, too.

Hyphen Mama: Yes, it can be, anyway.

Tara R: Absolutely.

Maggie's Mind said...

Sounds like fun! I've heard Branson is nice. I've never been, but hopefully Tom and I will go someday. Can't wait to hear how it is!

jabblog said...

Love it! Family holidays can be a very mixed bag - but everyone survives to do it again!

Patsy said...

Love hearing that you're taking the whole fam-dam-ly. That line made me laugh. You know I'm going with that whole group in about a month too and we are going to be on a ship, thankfully a big ship!
A week with no escaping -- should be interesting. We will of course exchange experiences.