Friday Haiku - A fateful decision

Before you read this 'Ku, I think I have to preface it so that it is taken in the proper way by those who read it.

This is not a criticism of Jews or anything Jewish.

This is not a criticism of Muslims as a religious group.

This is an expression of 'what if' - given what I know of History.

The Muslim faith and the Arab ethos seem to be closely tied to one another, and I am appalled at the way women are treated in the Arab world. And I can't help but wonder had a certain fact of history not gone another way, if, perhaps, Arab women would have been better treated in the last millennium or so.

Now you can read it.

Haiku Friday


Mohammed, Arab,
Asked the leaders of the Jews,
For an Arab Sect.

The leaders said no,
they would not create a sect,
sensitive to them.

He wrote the Koran,
After the leaders said no.
Makes one wonder what,

It might be today,
If the leaders had said yes.
Would there be no war?

Would Arab Women,
be less oppressed and denied,
Would they have their rights?

Or would the jihad
exist as sectarian
violence and plague

us in spite of the
wisdom and benevolence
of the ancient Jews?

I have to wonder.
My mind makes me do 'what ifs'.
I makes me crazy.



Shadow said...

yeah, it's the 'what if's' that can cause many a headache.

Nan said...

True, but I wish you had had time to meet my Mother-in-Law and her family when you were here. Not all Muslim women are downtrodden!

And by the way, Mohammed himself didn't make most of those dreadful rules... they were added later on by fanatics.

What if there were no fanaticism, in any religion? What if... there were no religion?? I am becoming more anti-religion every day. Will God mind if I say "I have no religion"?

moneythoughts said...

I don't have time to write a book, but that is about what it would take to answer you. The treatment of women in most ancient religions goes back to the Bible as women were property. It is only with the Enlightenment of the 18th century, and a few hundred years after the beginning of the Enlightenment, do we see the position of women in society change from property to individual rights for women. As for the perverted interpretation of the Koran by some muslim sects to continue their treat women so brutually, when you have so little in life as they do, these men, power over women is all that is left. While Judaism as a whole gives women better treatment, among the ultra orthodox, women have no place in reading or handling the Torah. But these people are in the minority. Among the Reform and Conservative Jews, women are ordained as rabbis. You ain't going to see that in Islam.

Joyce-Anne said...

Wow. It does make you think "what if". Well written and thought out.

Employee No. 3699 said...

Thinkin' of the ladies, as usual. You're quite the gentleman.

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

I guess I'm one who thinks that if there's good in this world there *has* to be bad.

Otherwise how would you know how good the GOOD is?

Nicole said...

Since menkind never seem to be able to learn, I bet it would have come either way.

NicoleB said...

And like Nan says, it's always the fanatics in a religion, no matter which one you take that make the trouble :(

Indigo said...

The What ifs leave us wanting a gentle result instead of the harsh reality. (Hugs)Indigo

Loraine said...

Most of the so- called "traditions" in the Arab world are not originally Muslim- they are inventions of the Taliban and others and many have only been around since the 1970's. The Koran does not condone the oppression of women- but the Taliban and government policies in many places of the Arab world have made sure that women cannot be taught to read and write, so if they don't know what's in the Koran and what isn't- other than what they are TOLD it says- they continue to be oppressed. That's a part of the problem, anyway.

Ree said...

As a (half) Arab woman, I've seen what "belief" has done to my sister - and I'm happy that I am who I am.

My family is my family, but I will have no part of their religion. Of course, I have no part in any religion.

LceeL said...

Shadow: They do, Shadow. They most certainly do.

Nan: No, I don't think she would mind at all.

Moneythoughts: No, I don't think so, either.

Joyce-Anne: Thank you, Joyce-Anne.

Employee: Awww, shucks. thank you, ma'am.

Colleen: Ah, yes, the old "Rose without the thorns" thing. Would it smell as sweet?

Nicole: You're probably right.

Indigo: Yes, they do, Indigo.

Loraine: Thank you, I did not know that.

Ree: You are my Goddess.

Hyphen Mama said...

Could the same be said about Christianity? What if Christians actually followed Christ's teachings? What if 2000 years' worth of oppression had never existed? What if thousands of women had never been burned at the stake?

One of many thousand reasons I follow no organized religion. Do I believe? Yes. Do I follow? No.

Only you, Lou, could write this wonderful 'Ku and not be lynched.