Angels and .....

Annie and I went to the movies yesterday. Angels & Demons. Good stuff, that.

Now, I read the book. And I'd read "The Da Vinci Code" before I saw that movie, as well. I have to say, that I love Ron Howard's work as a director.

They changed some stuff - but in its essence, the movie we saw yesterday is true to the story presented in the book. It was, by the way, an excellent book.

This movie ain't Shakespeare, but it's entertaining and fun.



Audubon Ron said...

Haven’t seen Da Vinci Code. No interest. I saw a documentary on the History Channel recently about The Priory of Zion and as they unraveled Dan Brown’s assertion in his novel that it is indeed a “fact” the organization exists, his facts started to fall apart once the investigation probed deeper. Interesting thought that Jesus might have had descendents. That would certainly get everyone off the hook with the church wouldn’t it?

I never read the book. Don’t have time. I read stuff like the World is Flat by Thomas Friedman, Guns Magazine and the local paper.

I did see Valkyrie last night on DVD. I thought it would never end. In fact, it didn’t. I turned it off about ¾ through. It is based on true events of how Hitler’s own generals tried to kill him. I saw a documentary on the History Channel about that.

There is nothing new under the sun. For me Tom Hanks is boring, Tom Cruise is boring. Brad Pitt is boring. All the top stars are boring.

I mostly watch movies for the special effects these days.

How was the popcorn?

Kim said...

I really loved Angels and Demons.. so much more than the Da Vinci Code..I was hoping they did not butcher it in the movie.glad to hear that is not the case..can't wait to see it..

Happy Weekend!

Shadow said...

i read both books before, haven't seen angels & demons yet, but must say, i prefer the books. people, places, just not the same as in my mind...

moneythoughts said...

Yes, how was the popcorn?

Patsy said...

I'm just glad you and Annie went together. I know for me it really doesn't matter what we see, I just love going to the show with the hubby. Kinda that flash back thing to days long since passed. :)

Elizabeth said...

I enjoyed both books and now I'm looking forward to seeing the new movie. I have to make a list of all the ones I want to see that are coming out...I may have to tread carefully because I could see myself going broke going to the movies!
Have a great holiday weekend!

Tara R. said...

That's all I ask for in a movie... to be entertained.

I dislike though when I've read a book a movie is based on, and the movie is nothing like the read.

Ree said...

I love the books, but haven't seen either movie.

Joyce-Anne said...

For a moment, I had to think about the last time I actually got out to see a movie. My husband and I took the two older children to see "Wall-E". So, as you can see it's been awhile.

Loraine said...

I read The DaVinci code and was not impressed. I have no interest in seeing the movie(s) or reading his other books. But, I'm glad you enjoyed them.

Michael said...

I read the De Vinci code on holiday at Wales with Luke and Buttercup, really enjoyed it and the holiday, complicated though, not read that other one

LceeL said...

Audubon Ron: It's a Novel. As was "Da Vinci Code". It was never presented as factual. Neither is the movie. It's just a movie.

The popcorn was SUPER buttery.

Kim: Not butchered, at all.

Shadow: A movie will always lose to what you saw in your mind.

Moneythoughts: Again, SUPER bettery - just the way I like it.

Patsy: I kinda like going to the show with SWMBO, too.

Elizabeth: A great holiday weekend is being had. And there are a LOT of good movies coming.

Tara R: The movie is VERY close - just some compression at the very beginning to keep the movie in its time constriants.

Ree: The movies are FUN.

Joyce-Anne: Oh, baby. Hire a babysitter and get out together. At least once in a while.

Loraine: They are entertainment. The books AND the movies.

Michael: They are great reads. And fun movies.

Nicole said...

I was disappointed with the DaVinci code. Oh well. Maybe I get to see this one one day :)