Wordless Wednesday - A Puzzlement

But Why?


This unmarked monument sits to one side of the parking lot of a church on the road from the Village of Cong to the City of Waterford, in Ireland.


Nicole said...

That monument is beautiful.
So many different statues in that.

Shadow said...

random indeed, for it sure is beautiful!

calicobebop said...

Very pretty. Did you go there?

moneythoughts said...

That is a nice piece of art work. If you know, would tell us more about it. Interesting contrast between the white sculpture and the darker stone.

What is it with "Wordless Wednesday" ? I see others doing this too. Did you start this Lou? Is it a secret society or something?

Tara R. said...

Very intriguing. I would love to know the history behind this monument.

Nan said...

Oh LOU, you are making me so excited to be going to England!!!!!!

kaye said...

interesting . . . a story with no title

Here’s my WW hope you can stop by!

Ingot said...

Because he pissed off the Romans.

Remind me sometime to post my pic of the statue of Napoleon's wife I took in the Carribean.

Hyphen Mama said...

"Because he pissed off the Romans."

I just choked on my lunch.

But the monument is beautiful.

Jientje said...


Momisodes said...

Very interesting.

At first glance, the stark white statues were kind of ghostly.

Joyce-Anne said...

That's an impressive monument. It's cool. I'd really like to see it in person.

LceeL said...

Nicole: It is beautiful - especially in person. But it just sits there, off to one side of the car park.

Shadow: Yes, it is.

Calicobebop: Yes, I did. In November of 2000.

Moneythoughts: I don't know anything more about this sculpture. And you and I talked about WW via email.

Tara R: So, Tara, would I.

Nan: I like the idea I can get you excited. Ahem.

Kaye: Indubitably. I did stop by.

Ingot: I'd like to see that.

Hyphen Mama: Well. He DID.

Jientje: Thank you.

Momisodes: That seems to be the charm of this thing - the stark contrast.

Patsy said...

You captured some very interesting sites with your camera. And obviously you documented them well. That is the biggest problem I ran into upon return home. I don't know where I was for sure when some were taken. Some day I'll learn to document as I take. Hopefully.