(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

I was reminded, last evening, of what this is all about.  I had dinner with the person represented by the business card below.  In fact, she told me that I am the very first to get one of these cards.  


It's going to be her 'BlogHer' card.  But like I said, she reminded me what this is all about - at least, for me.  And, I think, for many others out here, as well.


The ones you meet and the ones you'll never meet. Stay out here long enough and that's what this gets to be all about.


And speaking of friends .....

This friend found out yesterday that she can, if she chooses, spend a year working in Japan. Maggie, from Maggie's Mind, pictured above as we had dinner a little while back, applied for a program run by the Japanese Government, which hires people to teach English in Japan. She REALLY wanted this - and I'm so happy she has been awarded the opportunity.

Ndinombethe. "As i go, I am wearing you".


Jientje said...

I'm so happy for Maggie!! She REALLY wanted this yes!!
I miss her daily posts, I hope she picks it up once she gets settled.
Oh and about friendships, I never thought it was possible before I started blogging, but now I worry when one of them does not post, I'm sad when they are, and I miss them when I don't "see" them as often as I'm used to.It's all about friends, so true!

Shadow said...

it's great about maggie, isn't it?!?!

Ree said...

Yes, Friend. XXOO

Nan said...

My, um, sister-in-law's sister? Is teaching English in Japan and is having a BALL. Will try and get her email address for you.

Tara R. said...

My aunt did that back in the 70s. It was an experience she spoke lovingly of her whole life.

I need business cards like that for BlogHer too. Too funny!

Employee No. 3699 said...

Yeah for Maggie!

...am I supposed to have cards made up for BlogHer?!?

Momisodes said...

I was ecstatic to hear about Maggie's news! I cannot wait to hear more about her adventure.

Are you making business cards for BlogHer? I brought some to BlogHer Boston.

Did I mention I cried when I found out BlogHer '09 sold out? I am beside myself I won't be meeting you and so many others.

NicoleB said...

Yeah for that opportunity :)!!
And yeah for meeting other bloggy friends :)!

Garret said...

It's a great job. Teaching English in Japan. My cousin did the TESOL program and has been there almost 4 years now.

Good luck Maggie

Hyphen Mama said...

I love bloggy friends. I especially love the ones who've become real life friends.

witchypoo said...

You sure do get around, Lou.

Joyce-Anne said...

That's great news for Maggie! I'm very happy for her.

Maggie's Mind said...

Aw, thanks, Lou! I'm crazy busy with paperwork all of a sudden, but I'm thrilled, and I'm also thrilled I got to meet you. Might see you again before I leave for Japan. I'm going the same weekend as BlogHer, but I'll likely be in town before that. I might even get my dad to come out again. :)

LceeL said...

Jientje: She's busy with paperwork now. but she'll get back to posting again.

Shadow: Yes, it is.

Ree: XXOO right back atcha.

Nan: That would be so cool. And maybe Maggie might like to contact her, as well.

Tara R: I love her business card. I think I will get some made, as well.

Employee: You could. I think that's a cool idea. Would save all kinds of random paper grabbing and napkin writing and pen searching.

Momisodes: Yes, I think I will have some made. But don't not come to Chicago. We can hang out in a restaurant and let everyone know we're there.

NicoleB: I love meeting blog friends.

Garret: Wow. 4 years?

Hyphen Mama: You and Maggie are both my friends. the ONLY difference is I have not physically met you. Yet.

Witchypoo: That's me. Old, fat and easy.

Joyce-Anne: She is absolutely on cloud nne right now.

Maggie's Mind: I look forward to it. Pakistani, again?

Suzanne said...

Congrats to Maggie!

And Sandy? Go to BlogHer's site-there is a waiting list for those who want tickets. Inevitably, people bail on it (pregnancies, job changes, stuff like that) and you can get your hands on a ticket.

If you get one, LET ME KNOW. I will need a roomie or three!