100 Word Challenge - Love

The following is in response to the 100 Word Challenge, authored by the amorous Velvet Verbosity. The word is "Love". I'm sure that Velvet will forgive me being a minute beyond deadline. I hope so, anyway.

"Oh, Honey, I'm glad you're home."

"Why? What?"

"I am just worn to a frazzle. The baby won't sleep. He won't eat. He's running a temp and he's got the runs. If I've changed his diaper once I've changed it a dozen times. And to top it all off, I can't put him down. As long as I hold him he's quiet, but as soon as I put him in his crib he starts up again."

"Gee, Honey. I'm sorry."

"Sorry? You leave! You go to work! I swear, if I didn't love him SO MUCH, I'd put him back."

Of course, this is a snippet of a much longer and more rancorous conversation. But it will end well and life will go on - baby will be loved unconditionally, and Mommy and Daddy will do what they need to do to provide for the health and safety of 'Baby'. It's what parents do.

Oh. One more thing. Because Ireland is all about the landscape, and Ireland in November is a much different place than most of the May to Mid-October tourists see, I thought you might like to see the picture below. This is on the road to Waterford (Yes, the home of Waterford crystal) from Connemara.




Shadow said...

heee heeee heeee, i'm sure there were more words than that.... mmmmm, sounds kinda familiar too. happy monday dear louceel!

Disturbed Stranger said...

That was a delightful read :)
thank you:)

moneythoughts said...

I like the picture.

Momisodes said...

Oh yeah. I've been there. Not the gorgeous landscape of Ireland, but the rancorous conversation.

I'm guessing I would have rather been enjoying that view at that moment.

Jientje said...

And I have been there too.
In Waterford, I mean.
I love the pictures from Ireland.
I've been there twice, but sadly I have not one picture, that's why I'm enjoying yours so much!

Tara R. said...

What I love about your written piece is that you don't know for sure which one is the mom or dad. Could be a frazzled stay-home dad?

I so want to visit Ireland some day! *sigh*

Joyce-Anne said...

The conversation is one I know I've had more than once. It brought back memories...

I loved all you had to say about Ireland and the pictures too. I'm just wondering did they hire you temporarily to plug tourism for them? ;)

Employee No. 3699 said...

Ouch, I can't imagine putting a baby back!

redchair said...

Very clever snippet Lou.

Mrs F with 4 said...

I love the picture..... it's quite cheered me up.

I was going to add a 'poo' story from earlier in the week, but couldn't bear the thought it might put you off your dinner. See, I AM a considerate Mummy!

Ree said...

Whose body was she threatening to return the baby to? ;-)

LceeL said...

Shadow: And I hope you had a Happy monday, too, Shadow.

Disturbed Stranger: And you .. are welcome.

Moneythoughts: Thank you, Fred.

Momisodes: Every Mommy and Daddy out here ....

Jientje: I am so glad you're enoying them, Jientje.

Tara R: Ireland is SO beautiful. And you noticed. Nice.

Joyce-Anne: Plug Ireland? Hired? I wish!!

Employee: Yah, that would seem to hurt, huh?

Redchair: Thank you, Vikki.

Mrs F with 4: I am so glad you liked the picture. I'm even gladder you saved the poo story for later.

Ree: Are you sure it was 'she'?

Hyphen Mama said...

Ain't it the truth!!

NicoleB said...

One more good excuse to not have kids ;)
Beautiful shot of a rainy Irish day.

Velvet Verbosity said...

Oh I remember that kind of conversation. Most of the time I loved being home with my baby, I truly enjoyed the quiet and the straightforwardness of caring for a baby. Sometimes though, sometimes I was upset that my husband got to go to work, have lunch with friends, etc. I didn't really want that, but there were those rare days.

Secret Agent Mama said...

I have had THAT conversation before.


Patsy said...

I'm catching up. :) This is a conversation I had, my daughter has had, most mothers have had. Well written. And yes the thought of putting the baby back has crossed all our minds -- poor hubby's home from a day at the office to face the music that evening. And life did and does go on.