100 Word Challenge - Pleased

The following is in response to the 100 Word Challenge, authored by the comely Velvet Verbosity. The Word is "Pleased".

The moment fleeting
The act itself done in haste
But I am so pleased.

For thirty one years
we have been with each other.
We are still in love.

We know each other
which buttons need pushing and
which to leave alone.

We feel each other
We know what's inside the heart
What drives the other.

There are no secrets
No hidden agendas here
Each book wide open

"Your love is someone
who knows all about you and
loves you anyway"

It's true. Love survives
and manages to flourish.
I'm immensely pleased.

Incredibly high,
unexpectedly happy,
but mostly, just pleased.

The music in my ear - 'Portrait' by Enya from the album, 'The Celts'. On a loop.

I did it. 100 Word Challenge in Haiku. I am so very, very pleased to be doing 100 Word Challenges again. For a while, 'Velvet Verbosity' was offline while the authoress handled some difficulties. She's back. And I couldn't be more pleased. I don't know how many of you read her, but I would recommend her to you as one whom you should read. She is a single mother, a feminist and a gifted writer. She has the courage of her convictions and the strength of character to stand by them.


Loralee Choate said...

I am so impressed. I cannot write a Haiku to save my freaking life.

I also LOVE "Portrait" by Enya, which just adds to all the fabulousity of all of this.

Jientje said...


Velvet Verbosity said...

Ok, just stop. I think I'm going to have to ban 100 word poetry because I just can't fathom how y'all do it. (Plus I can't write poetry that I find pleasing and thus am insanely jealous of others who write poetry.)

Very sweet.

Shadow said...

wow! wow! wow! 100 of the most beautiful words!

Huckdoll said...

That was not only beautiful, but inspirational and heartwarming. That kind of love exists!! Woot :)

Theresa said...

Beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing this is the side of marriage-slash-relationships that people like to forget? This sounds like my grandmother. She still loves my grandfather after 65 years, even though he's long since buried. It's sweet, but in a why-does-it-have-to-end kind of way.

Joyce-Anne said...

Wow!!!! That was unbelievable! Yay Lou!

witchypoo said...

That? Was amazing. And I bet you're pleased you did it.

Ree said...

I love the haiku. I love the sentiment even more. XO

redchair said...

You Haiku is really endearing Lou.

Really nice work.

Hyphen Mama said...

In 21 years, I hope to be saying the same thing... although I probably won't use haiku to say it.

I always wonder if you count the syllables on your fingers while you're writing.

LceeL said...

Loralee: Thank you, ma'am. I know you've said it in the past - but I'm willing to bet if you tried, you could.

Jientje: Thank you, Princess. Your post today was pretty special, too.

Velvet Verbosity: I did it just for you.

Shadow: Thank you, Shadow.

Huckdoll: Yeah, it's out there. Hard to find (Took me two tries) but when you find it - it's great.

Theresa: Thank you, Theresa.

Thenightblog: If it's done right, it never does end.

Joyce-Anne: Thank you, Joyce-Anne:

Witchypoo: Pleased as punch. And it warn't easy, momma.

Ree: Thank you, Ree.

Redchair: Thank you, Vikki.

Hyphen Mama: As a matter of fact, I do.

Allison said...

I plan to be joining in on this round too. I've already got the majority of a story for March (yes, I know, a bit late since she put that up last week or whatever, but I had an image right away!), and guess what,it's another Clifton saga entry. Good to know that group hasn't left! :-D

In fact, I even had a bit of further inspiration on that bit in church (yes, church---heard a bible verse, and everything sorta came together...it seems this will be my first piece of Christian Fiction, so it's got a REAL direction!), and I'm going to have a question or two for you, because I seem to recall you having some military experience. Watch for the email :-D

Momisodes said...

You are so good at this. You always impress me with your haiku's and 100 words. A very sweet marriage of them here :)

I actually wrote my 100 words this weekend, but I was too chicken to post. I know I know. tsk tsk.