So, We Flew

We left Chicago on a Thursday night - it was, to say the least, cold. Our intinerary called for a flight to Florida, a 10 hour layover, and a morning flight into Port of Spain, Trinidad, which was scheduled to land a little after 3pm. So, rather than spend 10 hours at the airport, we checked into La Quinta North, one of the 3 La Quinta properties at the Miami airport, to spend the night.

When we got to the motel there was a gift waiting for us, sent into the motel by Holly of Tropic of Mom, Life at Latitude 26. A box of Godiva chocolate covered cashews. Which were delicious. They didn't last very long - but they were delicious.

The next morning we got on our 757 headed for Trinidad. Whereas the flight to Florida had been pretty full, the flight into Piarco (The airport at Port of Spain, Trinidad) was somewhat less than full - witness below.

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By the way, clicking on any of these pictures will bring out a full size image. Now, did you notice all the empty seats? One of the things that becomes apparent once you're in Trinidad is that they don't seem to pursue the tourist trade to the extent that some of the other Carribean Island nations do. You might almost say, they're a bit disinterested. But that doesn't affect what they've got there - the place is beautiful. Anyway, after landing and taking a taxi to the hotel, we found ourselves ensconced in a nice, quaint room. Witness below.

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This nice quaint room is part of the 'Guest House' pictured below - Monique's. It is in area known as Maraval, which is actually a valley that runs north out of Port Of Spain, through the mountians and out to Maracas Bay. Ask any cab driver and they can get you to Monique's.

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I did a little exploring after we checked in. The stairway pictured below is to the left of the building pictured above. If you look closely, there are three stairways depicted in this shot. If you look to the left along the terrace at the top of the second set of stairs, you can just see the third set of stairs rising up the face of the hill.

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So having climbed all those stairs, I found a concrete walkway with a metal railing leading further up the hill and to the left. When I got to the top, I turned around and took the picture which you see below.

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Having taken the shot above, I raised my sights a bit and took the shot depicted below, looking down the Maraval in the direction of Port of Spain. Trinidad is every bit this and more.

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There are areas there, in Trinidad, in Port of Spain, that you wouldn't want to be caught in after dark. But for the most part, you likely wouldn't go into those areas anyway. And if you get to the bush, there are critters there. The bush is not for me. They do, however, have nightlife and they have plenty 'o rum, some great looking women and they'll party at the drop of a hat (not the women, per se, but Trinis in general). And the weather is never, EVER, cold.



Suzanne said...

That looks like a nice relaxing place!

Jientje said...

The view is well worth the climb it seems! I look at your sunny pictures, and then I turn my head and look out the window, and I see snow falling down! Yuck!

Tash said...

Looking forward to seeing the rest of your photos. Got back from St Vincent last night - productive trip and managed to squeeze in a trip across to Bequia in a friend's boat so not all business!

Back to the grind now!

Eric S. said...

It looks beautiful. I would have lost so much time just exploring and enjoying the sights and sounds. Nice little hike.

witchypoo said...

Lovely photos. Good to know that you were not bushwhacked by critters in the bush.

Shadow said...

oh i'm completely jealous. it looks heavenly!!!!!!

moneythoughts said...

Thanks for sharing the photos.

Glad you had a great time.

Only 2 more months until baseball and warmer weather.

Take care of yourself.

Jibber Jabber said...

It makes me hopeful for warmer weather. Beautiful and lovely shots. I find myself feeling a little envious, but I'm happy for you too.

Ree said...

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful photos.

hockeychic said...

Enjoyed the photos very much. It sounds like such a wonderful trip. Without the huge emphasis on tourism, maybe the place was a little more real (if you know what I mean). That's so great that you went out exploring and were rewarded with that fabulous view.

Michael said...

Looks beautiful and most of all warm, we are freezing here in the UK, the snow is still falling as I write this.
Yes my mum had wrong doctor and wrong hospital, but then again the combination of my mum and appointments usually goes wrong.
Had a lovely play in the fields with my dogs earlier, I might take thenm out again after my tea then I wont need to after I somehow struggle back from AA.
Have a good week

ConverseMomma said...

Those pics are amazing. I would love to travel there, actually anywhere. I am coming to you. I just booked my flight to blogher. I'll be arriving in your fair city Thursday July 23rd, and I hope we can meet for chocolates, being that I don't drink coffee. My treat!

Cat said...

And...if ya make plans to hit up downtown this weekend to meet converemomma I could work some time to meet up with ya - and I had planned on meeting up with her as well as a few other bloggers who are coming into town for the blogher convention... what'dya say?



Pics are wonderful by the way.

Hyphen Mama said...

I'm enjoying this tour through Trinidad. Looking forward to the next pics. I'll come back in a bit and enlarge each photo to absorb them more.

Hyphen Mama said...

I'm enjoying this tour through Trinidad. Looking forward to the next pics. I'll come back in a bit and enlarge each photo to absorb them more.

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

Ahhh...just looking at those photos has given me hope that Spring *will* arrive. Some day...

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

What a fun tour! Thanks for the photos. Will there be more tomorrow? Glad you and your son could have a warm getaway in the middle of winter.

Momisodes said...

What gorgeous views! The lush green hills look so lovely. And "never, EVER, cold," sounds perfect :)

Emily/Randomability said...

It looks nice and warm. and warm. Did I mention warm yet?

Employee No. 3699 said...

I'm soooo jealous, but also so glad that you had a nice trip. Looking forward to seeing more pictures!

Islandgirl said...

Nice shots Lou! You are lucky you had an empty plane coming down..if you had come in 2 weeks later you may not have been so comfortable..all the crowds come for Carnival (which is the Monday & Tuesday before Ash Wednesday) and Christmas. Trini's hate to miss carnival and christmas if they can help it. I forgot to ask Nan if you ever got across to Tobago..that is definately a trip you need to make..Tobago is heaven on earth!

LceeL said...

Suzanne: It is that and more. And warm. very warm.

Jientje: It never snows in Trinidad. Not ever. And they have never been hit by a hurricane.

Tash: I've seen the way Trinis do business - so will everyone else on Wednesday. But I'm glad it wasn't ALL business.

Eric S: It was a nice hike and I was drenched in sweat by the time I got to the top.

Witchypoo: Never went into 'the bush'. Close, though.

Shadow: It was heavenly. Absolutely.

Moneythoughts: I will do that, Fred. More photos to come.

Jibber Jabber: Thank you, Joyce-Anne. Warmer weather IS coming. Promise.

Ree: Thank you, Ree.

Hockeychic: It felt good to go exploring. I don't get to do enough of that sort of thing anymore.

Michael: I will have a good week, Michael. You, too, okay?

Conversemomma: We will, I promise. I am taking off those two days (Thursday & Friday) and of course - the weekend will be all blogHer, all the time.

Cat: Not this weekend - but July. However, you and I can make plans for something sooner. anytime.

Hyphen Mama: It is a warm and lovely place full of warm and lovely people.

Colleen: Don't worry - it's coming.

HollyATOM: Yes, more tomorrow. and being there with #1 Son made it SO much more than it might otherwise have been.

Momisodes: It is just that - perfect.

Emily: So very, very, very, WARM.

Employee: More pictures tomorrow, Wednesday AND Thursday.

Islandgirl: We never made Tobago. We're saving that for next time. The only regret is that next time down Nan won't be there.

redchair said...

Beautiful photos Lou. It looks like you had an amazing time. Now I wouldn't mind venturing off into the bush a bit. I love exploring.

maggie's mind said...

Beautiful and never ever cold. Mmmm, sign me up. Just seeing your pictures makes me feel sunshiny.

Nicole said...

So, it's ok to be a "bit" envious, no?