Friday Haiku - Women of Courage

Haiku Friday

Women of courage
live here in the blogosphere
gut and fortitude.

Some I've come to know
at least, through their words and deeds
duly recorded.

Constant amazement
at that strength and fortitude
fills me ev'ry day.

I look at my job
how much work there is to do
and I can't complain.

The bar has been set
at a height way above me
by all those women.

I would take every one of you in my arms, and keep you safe, if I could. It is the biggest source of frustration for me that I can't.

Lord willin' and the creek don't rise, I ought to have some pretty pictures of some nice new paintings, pretty darn quick. Three little 6x6 seascapes that seem to be coming together nicely. The hard part is going to be framing them the way I want them framed - well, not HARD actually, just expensive. I am going to have to be creative if I'm going to be able to get them done as I'd like.

For those of you who do art, I use the three primary colors (red, blue, yellow) plus Titanium White and Ivory Black - because making Black and Grey from the primaries always takes too much paint. Working with such a limited pallet of colors keeps me from drifting into color combinations that don't really work. If I make a Green from Pthalo Blue and Cadmium Yellow, I know that Green is going to work with shades of those primary colors. If I were to use a Green from a tube, there's a high probability that the Green won't work in the piece. Plus I think it's pretty cool to make my own colors, rather than buy a tube. I mean, it just IS.

Happy Friday, y'all.



Jientje said...

I like the haiku.It was one of the answers in the interview you gave me, women are tougher than they look. The interview is up by the way.
I'm very much looking forward to see the paintings. But you don't HAVE to frame them, do you? At least not for me? Shipping it to Europe is already going to cost? But you want it to be perfect, right?
I don't do art, but I understand about the colours, they have to be just right huh?

Myst_72 said...

That's really lovely Lou.
I'll look forward to your paintings.


the planet of janet said...

you do know that you are a strong and amazing voice in the blogosphere ...

you are, you know.


Casdok said...

Very cool to make your own colors! And your haiku is wonderful!

Shadow said...

yikes, you lost me there with the talk of the colours and mixing and stuff, but you know what you're doing, and that's gooooood.

your haiku is so good. so very very good. blogland has taught me a thing or two about the good in people, lemme tell ya...

Nicole said...

Beautiful sentiment!
Best of Luck with the framing!

Kelley said...

Dude, your comments across the blogosphere are always heartfelt and a source of comfort.

You are amazing.

Looking forward to seeing your paintings and I love the new blog!

moneythoughts said...

I am not going to disagree with you about women, but there are some pretty good men too. How about that pilot that brought that plane in on the Hudson River in NYC yesterday, and everyone got out alive? He is a man, and they said he walked through the plane twice to make sure no one was left behind.

When I worked, I always had lunch with a few women because they really talk about things. When I lunched with the men they talked about their lawn and last time they cut their grass.

Now a little suggestion on mixing colors. Yes, you can continue to mix all your colors from the 5 tubes you mentioned, BUT if you added 4 tubes, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Raw Umber and Burnt Umber, you would find that you can increase your range of colors that you can mix. You might even like to use an umber or a sienna for your underpainting. Think of it as words, the more words you can use the better you can express what you want to say.

Eric S. said...

Nice Haiku. Women are pretty tough, and very courageous. I find a lot of times they are more conversant than men. Perhaps that's why they have made the blogosphere such a nice place.

Can't wait to see your paintings. Your talk of mixing colors is Greek to me. But then what do you expect from a country boy.

maggie's mind said...

You are a very good friend to the women of the blogosphere, Lou. And it means a lot.

calicobebop said...

Lou, you say the nicest things. I can't wait to see photos of your paintings!

hockeychic said...

You are so kind in your words expressing support for women, it is really lovely.

Am looking forward to pictures of your paintings.

Wishing you a Happy Friday.

Loraine said...

I'll admit that I spent way too much on different paints, hoping to get just the right colors, and ended up with colors that didn't work the way I wanted them too. So I learned the hard way. I want to start painting again soon but the only space I have is on the balcony- so I'm waiting for winter to be over.

Cat said...

Wonderful Haiku!!


have a good weekend!

Tash said...

can't wait t0 see the pics

Great haiku - as always.

Indigo said...

I've known you such a short time, but I want you to know there is unforetold strength in your friendship. On any given day you surpass us all. Loved the Haiku!

Now on mixing paints. I used to work as the sole printer for a family business. I quickly learned to mix the fundamental colors from charts to come up with a chosen shade. There was always such a delight of seeing the colors blend and take form before me. It's creativity at it's best.

I agree the slightest bit off can change the dynamics of any one color. I do believe if I painted I would find far more pleasure in mixing my own. (Hugs)Indigo

Jibber Jabber said...

A very beautifully written haiku. I know how you feel about awards, but I left an optional one for you on my blog.

anglophilefootballfanatic.com said...

You know you are pretty special out here, too, right?

Patsy said...

You hold women in high esteme and the woman thanks you. We can be tough when we have to be. I know there are times we need to be soft too.

I like the fact that you mix your own colors. A true artist I do believe. Painting is not my talent, that was established in Art 101, but I do know how to appreciate the efforts and talent of others. It is the little things you say and do as well as the final product that make you the artist I know you are.

Momisodes said...

I have to agree with Janet. Your words here are powerful in many ways.
I am impressed you're finding time to paint these days :) Can't wait to see what you have!

Ree said...

and you asked about hugs? You deserve hugs from each and every one of us.

You're absolutely right about mixing your own colors - there's nothing subtly different between greens.

Sogeshirtsguy said...

Nice haiku Lou. I agree with you the strength, guts, and smarts of the female bloggers I read is amazing. Its a little intimidating commenting on their blogs when you know they are armed with such witty responses and my comment is something lame like I agree or good post.

Kim said...

I hope you share photos of the paintings.. I would love to see your creations..

And your ku..sigh, your ku is beautiful. You spread such warmth through the blogosphere..

Tara R. said...

I can't wait to see your paintings. I love the idea that you also create all your own colors. That makes the piece so much more intimate.

LceeL said...

Jientje: Yes, the colors have to be just right - so does the framing - the presentation.

Myst_72: I'm glad you like it.

Planet of Janet: Janet, I am so pleased and flattered you think so.

Casdok: Making my own colors is how I was taught from the beginning. And I'm glad you like the Haiku.

Shadow: And you have taught me something of that strength I was talking about.

Nicole: Thank you, Nicole. I may have to buy a big frame and cut it up.

Kelley: Thank you, Kelley. the new look is courtesy of Honeybell at The Bell Pages.

Moneythoughts: I think I may add those 'words' to my vocabulary.

Eric S: It's just like going to Farm & Fleet and having them mix up the right shade of Red to paint the barn.

Maggie's Mind: That goes both ways, Maggie.

Calicobebop: Why thank you, ma'am.

Hockeychic: It's been a Happy Friday. It's just that I love women, that's all.

Loraine: So are we all, Loraine.

Cat: I shall, Cat. you do so, as well.

Tash: Soon, I hope. And thank you.

Indigo: It's just that it's how I was taught - and it makes sense to me - and it's cool.

Jibber Jabber: Thank you, Joyce-Anne. But I will post the 10 honest things tomorrow.

AFF: I am flattered you think so.

Patsy: Thank you patsy. very kind words, indeed.

Momisodes: Thank you, Sandy. You are too kind.

Ree: I take one from each and every one. I love hugs.

Sogeshirtsguy: I know exactly what you're talking about. Sometimes I just have to lurk a post because I can't say anything worthwhile.

Kim: Sigh? My 'ku makes you sigh. Now that's cool.

LceeL said...

Tara R: The only difficulty is keeping the color mix consistent from one batch to the next.

Hyphen Mama said...

Beautiful, Lou.