vacation day one

Today is the first day of this Holiday Vacation period I'm enjoying. This morning I get to go to the Doctor for my periodic checkup. My bloodtest results from last Saturday came back and all of the numbers were good. They called the house yesterday to give me those. So I know she isn't going to yell at me for anything during the visit.

And there is no reason to check prostate. I'm just sayin'. If she decides she's going to do that, then she'd better kiss me, first.

After the Doctor, I get to go babysit for Mark's boys. Annie is going out for breakfast with a girlfriend and I get to fill in. Oh, Joy.

After that's all said and done, I'll come home and do some cleaning and then spend as much of the afternoon as possible downstairs, painting. No ladies will be naked during the process of painting. (disclaimer required by SWMBO)

We have managed to survive snow and slushy streets, so far. The weather tomorrow, however, promises to be BITTERLY cold. It may well turn out to be a Sunday at home.

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Julie said...

I am glad your blood tests came back with good numbers...and I don't know how she could resist the prostate check. I bet it's doctors' top five tests to run on people...

My blood pressure is better, but the doctor this week said I need to stay on the medicine for another couple months. Which means a (semi-) dry Christmas for me. I will be indulging in a small glass of wine on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It's good for my cholesterol, right?

I hope you had a good day of painting, even sans naked ladies.

Shadow said...

i'm so glad your healthy and happy. pretty important those two things are. happy painting!!!

Karen said...

I feel like a heel for not clicking over to Zoeyjane's blog until today.

My daughter is a high school special ed teacher. She called me yesterday to tell me about a couple of her students. She said her students tend to get depressed and sucidal during the month of December, maybe because their routine is upset, or because they have to stay at home alone or with less than caring parents for two weeks.

she was telling me about a new girl who came to her classroom in Ocotber, who is a cutter. My daughter wants to help but doesn't know what to do. I sent her a link to TWLOHA, I am hoping it will help. And I clicked on all the links over there and will go back and do it again tomorrow.

Siobhan said...

Aloha, you commented on my blog, so I'm commenting on yours and mine just in case you don't check back on mine! Emma was found at 1:30am sleeping under a bush. It sounds like she ran away after the school assembly, makes you wonder whats going on in her home life, but the police found her and took her to the station and gave her a hot chocolate, so she's ok, thank goodness!!

tiff said...

Lou, glad to hear things are good with you.
Hope you have fun with the boys.

Christy said...

Good job on the blood tests, I know you've been losing some weight, doing health improvement...

All pays off!

Enjoy the vacation.

warriorwoman said...

Lou Lou Lou - wet em and pucker up.
Enjoy that exam.

Yes I'd play the Grinch at the Christmas concert.

moneythoughts said...

Have a nice vacation.

Why do you want to paint nudes? Try drawing a few, and see how challenging that can be. However, if you really want to, I'll arrange for a model to come your house as a Xmas gift. :)

Take care and be well.

Shadow said...

okay, now i'm completely confused... bizarre is the right word. and i'm not going to say what i'm wondering about, since the post has disappeared, and now i know why.... mmmmmmm......

M+B said...

Enjoy your vacation. I'm sure you'll enjoy babysitting :-)

Great news that your test results are all good!

Have a fun weekend painting

Ree said...

I'm planning on hibernating with George C Scott playing Scrooge tomorrow. Today, I'll be a good girl and get the house cleaned up.

Have fun.

maggie's mind said...

Good health is a good thing, and prostate exams don't sound like much fun. When it's super cold outside, it feels kind of nice to stay cozy inside. I'm glad I'm no longer iced in, but more cold is coming.

Honeybell said...

Here's to staying warm and un-violated!

Joyce-Anne said...

Glad to hear your tests came back normal. I'm not sure why SWMBO wanted you to clarify that there would be no nude ladies present for the painting. It sounds as if there's a story there. Care to share?

Joyce-Anne said...

PS Enjoy your vacation!

Kimmylyn said...

phew..glad everything came back okay... enjoy your vacation..and thank you.. you know what for. xoxox

Jientje said...

Doctor ... babysitting ... cleaning ?
I hope you get around to painting too today?!
I'm glad the results of your check up turned out fine!
Enjoy your winter holiday!

Hyphen Mama said...

I thought men liked having their prostate checked by women. Note to self.

I hope your morning with the boys didn't leave you without enough energy to paint!

Alice said...

Popping in to say hello! And wish I was heading to Trinidad with you (when is that happening exactly?)

Have you written anything smutty around here for me to read lately?!? ; )


Tara R. said...

Good to hear you've gotten an all clear on the med tests. I hear ya about the annual exams. Least they could do after all that 'lovin', touchin', squeezin'.' is a phone call every once in a while... wouldn't kill em.

Enjoy your vacation!

LceeL said...

Julie: I think her fingers are too short.

Shadow: Thank you, V. The most important thing is health.

Karen: Thank you, Karen. They do good work.

Siobhan: That's great news. I'm so glad they found her.

Tiff: "Fun with the boys" is actually an oxymoron.

Christy: I will, Christy. Thanks.

Warriorwoman: She didn't do it. reference above.

Moneythoughts: Oooo, Santa!

M+B: I will have fun painting.

Ree: Sounds like you have a fun day planned, yourself.

Maggie's Mind: Yes - it's going to be cold for several days now.

Honeybell: I AM!! Warm. And Unviolated, thank you.

Joyce-Anne: There's something of a story there - but this is not the time or place.

Kimmylyn: You are so much more than welcome.

Jientje: I am going to enjoy this winter holiday.

Hyphen Mama: No. I've gotten some painting done.

Alice: No. No smut lately. But then, I haven't had any calls for smutty, lately.

Momisodes said...

so glad to hear your tests came back within range.

Hope you still had energy left after watching the boys today!

We may be squatting indoors all day tomorrow as well.

OHmommy said...

YOUR weather is co0ming to me. Brrrr..... and YES, I would love for you to take pics, in July, of me and the kids.

Are you ready for some classy chaos?

Nicole said...

Hope the weather turns better for you soon. Stay safe!