Down the Islands

I have gone 'down the islands'. Trinidad. You'll find me guest posting at Tash's Fabric Of Life. Come on in. The water's fine.

Drop a comment there or here - but there would be better.


Shadow said...

can paradise actually be a state of mind.... i think so!

Michael said...

I am getting lost, you got so many blogs, I aint been away anywhere just not enough hours in the day plus Ive been getting obsessed making spreadsheets again

ConverseMomma said...

Look at you all guest bloggy everywhere. You are a regular blog celeb. Can I get your autograph?

Jennifer said...

hi lou!! :)

just dropping in with some comment love for you.

i'm off to read your post at Fabric of Life! :) hope you are enjoying your visit in Trinidad!! :)


Cat said...

heading there now!

Jientje said...

Heading over to Paradise now!

Nicole said...

Hope your day in the sun was great ;)
Here's what I posted over there:
I wish more people would share their piece of paradise and check out the pieces others have to share.
The world would be a great place, me thinks ;)

Employee No. 3699 said...

Leaving the same comment I left at Tash's...

“Their farms are overgrown with houses now - they grow children instead of corn or beans. There's even one farm that grew a whole golf course. With houses. Really expensive houses. That no one can buy these days. Ah, progress.”…living in the same area as you my whole life; your words describe it so well.

I’m jealous of your upcoming trip to Trinidad, but I know between your words and some pictures, you’ll make me feel as if I was there too.