Thursday Random stuff

I got tagged by Cathy of The Clothesline - one of those Seven Random Things memes.

1. In the last 3 months, I have managed (somehow) to lose 20 pounds. Less of me to love, I guess.

2. I love sleeping WARM. Last night I slept under three blankets and a Comforter. A big, heavy, Comforter.

3. I have a collection of Avalon Hill board games from 1965 and onward. 41 games. The majority of them are military strategy and tactics games. My sons have never played them. They sit. Unused.

4. I have a Facebook thing. But no face in it, yet. I HAVE to do something about that.

5. I am getting dangerously close to becoming really involved with Twitter. God help me.

6. I sleep 4.5 - 6 hours a night. It's been like that for years. It's always been enough. Lately, though, it doesn't seem so much like it is.

7. My latest fave singer is Missy Higgins. And she's hot, too.

The rules, as I apply them, are thus. Tag yourself if you like. Link back if you want to - or let me know in comments if you do this. You may, if you wish, tag seven others and leave them comments, notifying them.

I suppose #2 merits just a short bit of explanation. We have a HUGE bed. Annie likes to sleep with her feet out and with minimal blankie. I, on the other hand, like sleeping really WARM. So we have separate blankets. Besides, I'm something of a blanket hog and she used to wind up sleeping naked AND uncovered, so we settled on separate blankets. Aren't you glad you asked? You DID ask, right?

Things are settling down at work, a bit. I finally solved my proxy server problem and now, all is well. Pressure is off. For a while.

I'm taking Annie to Boston Blackie's for her birthday. I just don't know what I'm giving her, yet. She loves, and I mean LOVES, trinidads (the candy). I gotta see if I can find some really, really good ones.



Shadow said...

mmm, typical boy thing. guys loose weight without trying, girls just don't! it's not fair!!!!!

Myst_72 said...

I'm with you on the blankets thing,
I just hope the 20lb weight loss thing is catching, and you're going to give it to me!


Cathy said...

Thanks for playing! I have a facebook page, but haven't done much with it--it's too hard to do that and blogging. Three blankets and a comforter--that's a lot! But it does get really cold in IL in the wintertime. :)

Tash said...

Trinidads - seriously. Never heard of them. Enjoy Boston Blackie's.

Beware Twitter and Facebook. I am back on facebook and not sure I'll stay. Such a time waster for a procrastinator like me.

Emily/Randomability said...

Ohhhh... Facebook! Big time sucker. I should know. I'm there. Look me up! (With Yahoo not Google ~ Same first part)

I sleep with extra covers too. even in the summer.

I haven't Twittered yet either. Hopefully I won't. I already have enough diversions from work.

Employee No. 3699 said...

I'd like to 'somehow' lose some weight.

Trinidads? I usually get them from Fannie May. Delish.

Don't know if you got my email the other day. Still on for 11/21?

Tara R. said...

I am so with you on #2. Hubs sounds like your Annie, he could sleep with only a sheet in the middle of winter. I need thick socks, flannel pjs and sheets, blankets, comforters and two heavy, yet toasty warm Labs.

hockeychic said...

Happy Birthday to Annie!

I with you on the blankets and comforter thing. I could never go for electric blankets, something about the weight of all those blankets and comforters helps me sleep. That and my 15 pound cat that sleeps on me.

maggies mind said...

Mmmm, lots and lots of heavy warm blankets. And then sticking out my toes. Sometimes. Yay for Annie - I know that you will make her birthday special.

Jientje said...

My sister added me to Facebook only yesterday. So since yesterday, I guess I'm on Facebook too.
And I'm dangerously involved myself with a lot of stuff on the internet lately.
Plurk, Nablo, 365 eww...
No wonder you don't get enough sleep!
Me neither!
By the way, I listened to a couple of Missy Higgins tracks, ( I love it when you make me google stuff)
and I must say, I LOVE the lyrics, and I love the music. You have great taste, but I guess I already knew that!

Jennifer said...

i love to sleep warm too. and my hubby is a blanket hog, i just blame it on him getting fatter and the need for more blanket to cover his big ass. LOL we sleep with a blanket and three comforters one of them is a down comforter and one a regular one, and one a nice heavy flannel comforter... and the name suites them, as they do comfort me right to sleep. :)

I hope your Annie has a great birthday and you enjoy your dinner together and you find some wonderful to give her for her bday!!


Hyphen Mama said...

Happy Birthday Annie! 48 spankings? or is it 47?

Congratulations on the 20 lb weight loss. Send some of that my way, will ya?

Cat said...

Dropping 20 lbs and not know ing how in 3 months time - you could market that if you could figure it out and put it into writing - I know it would sell! hehe

As for the facebook - I have one - but alas its lonely I think I have three pals there - I got it to find old highschool friends.

I am like annie and prefer my feet sticking out from the blankets as well and Oh my the trinidads!!!

Thank you for your kind comments today - its appreciated - I knnow htis too shall pass.


anglophilefootballfanatic.com said...

You're addicted to Twitter? Hmm. I just deleted my account for lack of use. It's funny how that happens. But, I loved opening FB & seeing you there.

LceeL said...

Shadow: It didn't come off without some effort - I didn't mean to leave that impression. Apparently you didn't hear the sarcasm in my typing.

Myst_72: You want it? I'll give you 20 more, if you like.

Cathy: Yes. Cold in the winter.

Tash: If you come to blogher in July (here in Chicago), I'll supply you with some.

Emily: Me, too. In summer, that is. Makes Annie a bit nuts.

Employee: It's a slow process - whatever that 'somehow' is.

Momisodes said...

You're a blanket hog too!!!! *sigh*

I'm a victim of the mid-night freeze due to a blanket thief as well. Perhaps I need to try separate comforters, too.

I'm a total lurker on Twitter.

Eric S. said...

I have never had to lose weight, one of those high metabolism things. I actually had to gain 7 pounds to get into the Army.

I sleep under two blankets, and the wife under just the sheet. Go figure, she's the one from Texas, and I'm from Colorado. I think it should be the other way around, LOL.

I have a facebook account but I'm not real active. I am Chihuatude on Twitter, and Plurk, along with about half a dozen other community sites.

I sleep 3 - 4 hours a night for most of the month. Then all at once, it hits me and I sleep for 8 - 9 hours a night for a couple of days.

I think your wife is a very lucky lady.

Joyce-Anne said...

I love, love, love sleeping warm. I just have to be toasty under at least 1 blanket and 1 comforter. Good idea, separate blankets, I may try that...my husband does try to steal mine.

tiff said...

I love Missy Higgins too.
As for sleeping warm; I am always kicking the blankets off.

LceeL said...

Tara R: Labs wouldn't do it for me. I need ROOM!

Hockeychic: I'll pass that along to Annie. Whom, by the way, it is, at times, fun to play with, under the covers.

Maggies Mind: Yes. as special as I can.

Jientje: Missy is good. Very good.

Jennifer: I will, Jennifer. Something wonderful.

Hyphen Mama: 49. If you want it ...

Cat: I hope it shall pass. I hope.

AFF: No - I'm trying NOT to get addicted to twitter.

Eric S: Thanks Eric - but don't bring your weight problems to me!!

Joyce-Anne: Separate blankies work out nicely - just makes it a bit harder to make a bed.

Allison said...

I'd say I'm a blanket hog myself. T, too. And I used to use something like 6 blankets when I was a kid. Now just 3 are enough in the colder parts of the year---but they are 2 comforters and a quilt, so it's not like they're namby pamby blankets. And I happily add one or so of my crocheted blankets to that from time to time. Our blanket hog problems were somewhat solved with T working nights...but, then, he's been coming to bed earlier in the day, before we officially wake up, and he will soon be staying home weekends (long stupid story---I hate living paycheck to paycheck), but we've had no real problem with those few times he came in earlier than usual.

What are you on Facebook? I'll link you. I play around with it from time to time---about a month ago or there abouts I ended up friending a LOT of people from high school. A LOT. Even this one guy I could never stand in high school---I'm actually interested in what he's done with his life since then (if you check out my blog later, or I guess after you read this, you'll see what he's doing, as I'll be adding him to my Thursday Thirteen post. Haven't done one in a while, should though. Lots of 100 Word Challenges as well :-D)

Michael said...

Sleep, ive been getting just 6 hours a night and I just seem to get gradually more tired.
Had my fish and chips today and feel ok, glad its weekend.
Facebook, I have got one as well but find there are too many gadgets on it

Nicole said...

We have separate blankies too, for that reason :D
But we both love to sleep warm. Not THAT warm though :D

Strategy games, urgh - not my piece of cake.

Facebook & twitter neither. Plurk is still game, but it's way too slow for me right now, oh well :)