I am distracted. My friend is in the hospital and there are suddenly important things to do and take care of. What follows is from earlier this year, with a minor edit to update it just a little:

I started blogging last September(2007), with a blog called NewAtArt, because that's what I was (and am) - New At Art. The whole idea was to create a diary that I could look back on as I learned about Art and became, hopefully, a better and more accomplished artist. I wasn't looking for an audience as much as I was creating a record. At first.

I published my first post in September 13th. I got my first comment on the 14th of November. And that first comment led me to NaBloPoMo. And the creation of a second blog (this one) to do the 'daily' blogging.

My original intent was to just do daily 'ART' blogging, like a daily diary, and NewAtArt would then be used to document the progress of whatever art project was in progress. NewAtARt has stayed true to its purpose, but this one - this one has changed.

I find I like writing. And I think what I enjoy even more is commenting. Both getting and giving. Good commenting is like good sex. Just can't get enough.

I have grown very attached to some people out here. Some of you know who you are. Others, maybe, just see the comments .. and wonder, maybe. I don't know. But I value the blogs I have picked out from all of the stuff that's out there in the wild. I KNOW that some psychologist out there will be willing to say that there is no possible benefit to anybody from on-line relationships - that they are shallow and based on facades - that you are never seeing the REAL people behind those lines of text on the screen. Maybe. There IS honesty out here. There ARE real people out here. And maybe they keep the real dark secrets to themselves. Good. So do I. This is MY cyber family. Good, bad, pretty and plain. They're all mine. And I like it that way.

And that's why I blog.


Zoeyjane said...

I think that is a fabulous reason. And you writing and your relationships with 'family' members is why we keep reading, even when we're not commenting.

Shadow said...

i don't know quite what i expected from blogging, but what i've got, sure exceeded any expectations. it's rewarding. in so many ways. and i choose to believe there IS honesty here. why on earth would anyone go to all the trouble of putting up a facade, on a daily basis... for what purpose. call me naive, but that's my opinion. i'm glad i've found you along the way!

maggie's mind said...

So well put. Online friends doesn't mean imaginary friends, especially when some people are so real.

Michael said...

I think there are loads of benefits to blogging, I started mine really I suppose to do my daily step 10 on my alcoholic revovery but as time went on I realised that writing it gave me a window on the world to see how people all over the world live there lives at the microscale.
If I miss posting I can certainly feel it, I always feel happy after I have posted you know a good feeling like lifes worth living, I think it also can help you rise above your problems.
Love reading your blog

Casdok said...

There is much benefit from blogging on all sorts of levels.
And its lovely to see people grow with their blogs :)

Tash said...

No better reason than that!

Hope Mark's improving. And his boys, they coping? Let me know when you get a chance please.

Nicole said...

Hope Mark will have a speedy recovery. Best wishes & lots of Love to you all!

Regarding blogging.
Well, you see enough honest moments captured by the camera on my blog.
One is the 365 days pic with my face on it almost every day (even though I don't post them every day, some I post and date back later or the next month).

I feel like missing something when I don't blog or haven't been around to visit my friends online.

Hugs to you!
And thanks for being there for your friends. Online or in real Life!

M+B said...

I'm so glad you like writing, and blogging, because I so much enjoy reading what you write.

I agree, i think there is so much honesty in most blogs that you certainly know more about your blogging pals than you do about some of your IRL friends!

M+B said...
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Christy said...

You know Lou, I think you're so right about how online mirrors real life--no body is without facade.

So I enjoy the blogs like I do other friendships, sorta.

Sometimes more!!!

moneythoughts said...

What do you care what psychologists think?

If we read the writings of people that are dead, some from centuries ago, what could be wrong with reading the writings of people we share the planet with now?

Like most things in this world, blogging can be used for good or bad. Hopefully, blogging will continue to be something good in all our lives. I agree with much that has already been said.

For me, one of the beauties of blogging is that it removes that obstacle of physical distance. People's thoughts running around in space is a great thing. Who knows where all this someday might lead? The possibilities are endless.

Jientje said...

It's very hard to keep up a facade and pretend to be somebody else than you really are, if you blog every day of the year like you have done. In addition to your blog posts there are also the comments you give. I think we all have a pretty good picture of you as a person. And the dark secrets? Oh well, I think everybody has some issues they prefer to keep to themselves?
Anyway, I'm glad I can belong to that cyber family of your, I love being part of it!

Tara R. said...

This holiday season I am thankful for the many people I have met and friends I have made blogging. Lou.. I'm thankful for you.

Joyce-Anne said...

There's a reason why I enjoy reading blogs and not spending my time playing on Facebook. Bloggers just seem to be real people and have real lives. Often, I relate to what people are going through.

I am happy Mark and his boys have you and Annie in their lives. I hope and pray Mark's condition improves. Please keep us/me updated.

Patsy said...

I hope you and Annie are doing okay as you help out. Know you are in my thoughts and prayers as is your friend.

God speed to you all.

OHmommy said...

Every body's path cross. It's our job to figure out why.

Hope your friend is OK.

Nan said...

A Cyber Family. I like that. It's so strange to me, just about one year into blogging, to find that I care so much about my "Cyber Family" and THEIR families and friends! The internet has sure enriched my life, and given me what NO psychologist could have. Hope Mark continues to improve.

witchypoo said...

I asked my healing guides to visit Mark in the dreamtime. He's a warrior.

Hyphen Mama said...

People who don't blog, don't understand the relationships created blogging. I do it because after being "out in the world" for thirty-some years and then spending 4 years home bound, surrounded by little humans who don't "do" conversation... I needed an adult outlet. I've found it.

I'm glad to see witchy is looking in on Mark.