Crap. I almost forget to post.

Things have been so distracting and hectic. Jeanette's condition seems to vary from hour to hour. I am not going to try to report condition for a while - until her condition stabilizes, one way or the other.

I did have a little time to myself, last evening, and I worked on V,TSPS (Vigilante, The Sarah Pierce Story). I STILL haven't completed the first scene in the story. It's going to turn into a Chapter all by itself. Although all the names in the book are completely fictional, Sarah is what we were going to name our daughter, and Pierce is my Mother's maiden name. That's the side of the family I've always felt the greatest affinity for - I've always felt more 'Pierce' than 'Lohman". Thus the genesis of the name of our heroine. Just thought you'd like to know.

Vikki sent me the charcoal she did of 'The Kid'. I have him in a frame and I'm going to hang him over the weekend. I will publish a picture of the matted and framed portrait tomorrow or Sunday - we'll have to see how it all works out.

And something that was said to me, recently, by a dear and precious blogging friend, keeps running through my mind. I have had such difficulty in thinking of myself as an 'Artist' and as a 'Writer' and this person said to me, (I'm paraphrasing here) "There are two voices that we hear in our heads, one of Doubt and the other of Strength. It's up to you which of those voices you let guide you." I have GOT to quit doubting myself.

Later y'all.



Eric S. said...

Lou, I just got here in time to see you post, literally. You should never doubt yourself, for you have amazing talent. It's nice to know a little of the reasoning behind your characters name.

Just make sure you take care of your self also. All your adoring fans will gladly wait for you.

Take care and best wishes

Theresa said...

Y'know... I would certainly not qualify as a writer by societal standards, but it is something that I like to do. I have liked doing it for many, many years. From now on I shall think of myself as a writer! Thanks Lou :)

Shadow said...

don't hang the kid! he doesn't deserve to be hanged too, heee heee heeee

Jientje said...

And I almost forgot to comment!
I think that friend gave you good advice, you are an Artist as well as a Writer!Don't doubt yourself, for we don't doubt you!

Michael said...

The higher self and the lower self yes, I reckon they both have a use, yes the lower self can lead us into places we dont wanna be but its also an oportunity to learn valuable lessons which is really what life is about.
I enjoy reading your stories and when u put that book out on Amazon ill buy it

Patsy said...

I think all people struggle with doubt at some point (well, maybe everyone except those running for president). The advice you received it sound. I've struggled with my self worth in many ways over the years. I was never the smart daughter so I've had trouble ever feeling like I measured up even though I'm the only one in the family with two college degrees. And professionally I struggle often with feelings of inadequascies. Yes, you got sound advice. We do have the choice to listen to the voice of strength. I think I'll use that and pass it along to those I'm teaching now. They also need to hear it.
Thanks Lou. You've helped this morning. :)

Tash said...

You only hear two voices?? Maybe I am crazy after all - there's a whole damn chorus up in mine. :)

Seriously, you shouldn't doubt yourself Lou. You're a writer!

Joyce-Anne said...

Self doubt can haunt people. I know, at times, I'm haunted by my own doubts. You are indeed a writer and artist. So, try to put those voices aside and go with whatever leads you.

hockeychic said...

Continued thoughts for your family and especially Jeanette.

Momisodes said...

You are certainly both. I know how hard it is to tune out the doubtful voice.

I love the meaning behind Sarah's name. It really is a beautiful name all together :)

My thoughts and prayers continue for Jeannette and your family.

maggies mind said...

Love knowing why Sarah's name is so special. My thoughts are still with all of you. Sounds pretty tough, so please hang tough.

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

I hope Jeannette improves over the next few days.

It's cool that you named your strong heroine after your baby girl and your mother. That's very touching.

Have a great weekend, Lou! I hope you find a good place to hang the Kid. I know I sure wouldn't want those eyes of his haunting me in certain parts of the house! ;)

Trannyhead said...

I am with Holly at Tropic of Mom - I hope Jeannette improves quickly.

Also - you ARE very talented and shouldn't doubt. It's not the trannyhead way of life to doubt.

www.ayewonder.com said...

Good advice there at the end.