Saturday Reprint

A new category I just made up - Saturday Reprint. Where I reprint a previous post (Or part of one) because at the moment ... I ain't got nuthin'.

So without further ado .... This is from march 18th.

During the period post first wife and pre second wife I was in a personal kind of hell that generated some really rotten, agonized poetry. After a few months of venting my spleen, however, things got better for me, emotionally, and I started going out with other women and just kind of taking things lighter. Once the poetry got to be a bit less introspective I began to think of myself as a poet. Oh, foolish pride and ambition. The stuff I wrote after I came out of my funk wasn't any better than the stuff I had been writing while in it's depths. It was just different. There are, however, a couple of things that I like, that I wrote back then. I wrote this one for a girl. Naturally. I was in love. In lust, actually. I was then as I am now - a horny bastard (Annie's favorite name for me, once in a while). So Susan R., wherever you are, whatever you've become in the last 32 years or so, this one is (and was) for you.

A Bit of Romantic Nonsense

A stroll through garlands of flowers,
hand in hand for hours and hours,
breathing deep their heady scent,
if I'd my way thusly would be spent,
As much of life as possible with you,
the owner of the other hand. It's true,
such ambitions are rather naive,
but it's to you, my love, that I would cleave,
were I given but half a chance,
to demonstrate to you that romance,
could be such a charming closet in which to hide,
and we could explore the depths of feeling inside,
the heart and soul we each have to give,
and that would be a fantastic way to live,
provided, of course, I could persuade you,
that you should allow nothing to dissuade you,
from realizing what I already know,
that we love each other and it can only grow,
until, as a result of our love's renown -
and in every city, state, and town,
they'll know of our love and sing our praises,
in long and lovely, glowing phrases -
we find ourselves listed,
categorized and listed,
In the Guinness Book of World records.

Like I said, I was feeling good. If I remember rightly, when I wrote the first draft of this, it was on a napkin, in a bar, after several (?) beers. And I was alone. We didn't go out that night. Nor any other nights. She broke up with me before she ever (and therefore, never) saw this. Which is okay - because all of the little failed romances of that year led me to Annie. And that was a GOOD thing.


moneythoughts said...

I believe you had a few beers and you were young and at that point in time that is how you felt, and you wrote what you were feeling. You still have a talent for putting words together in poetry. The only difference now is that your ideas are more seasoned and mature. Are you familiar with the American poet Wallace Stevens? His poetry is different; however, like you, his main job wasn't writing poetry. He was an insurance company executive.

Have a nice weekend Lou.

Christy said...

You are still romantic.

I think I missed that gene....

I'm glad to see it represented in the genome so strongly with you!

Shadow said...

a love poem for one, that lead to another. wow, i like!

Patsy said...

I don't think anyone has ever written a poem for me. I don't think I'm like and just missed getting to hear it. such romance. :) :sigh: Lucky Annie --
I know you're not taking questions now, but now I have one. How long after your divorce did you roam searching for the love you finally found? Answer now or tuck away for another great Lou reveal.

redchair said...

I love all your poems and stories, Lou. They endear you to all of us and give us a small peak into your life.


Theresa said...

Sweet and romantic :)

Ash said...


Tara R. said...

You are such a sweet, sappy, romantic. What more does a girl want than to have her love immortalized in the Guinness Book of World records. You're one of a kind too.

Melissa said...

That is very sweet. And if it helped you on the road to find Annie, then it was well worth the effort. :)

Nan said...

Awww... See, your Harem is pleased! We love romance, even if it isn't specifically aimed at us.

Joyce-Anne said...

You clearly were a romantic back then. Are you still one today?

Sandy C. said...

You are so incredibly sweet. If any of the men I dated wrote a poem like this for me, I'd probably never leave them :)

LceeL said...

moneythoughts: I will look for his stuff, Fred. Thanks.

christy: I feel lucky to have been able to keep the romantic alive.

shadow: The one for whom it was intended never saw it. I wonder what would have happened if she had.

patsy: I met Annie on October 8th, 1976. About a year after my first wife and I called it quits.

redchair: Thank you, Vikki. You're so sweet.

theresa: Thank you, ma'am. There's a real romantic in you, too.

ash: And another romantic heard from. Thank you, Ash.

tara r: Thank you Tara. Thank you, so much.

melissa: I agree. The end of that long road was worth the trip.

nan: Harem? Now THERE'S a whole new set of fantasies for ya'.

joyce-anne: Once a romantic, always a romantic. If you're lucky.

sandy c: If it had been me, I would have written you a whole book of poetry.

Myst_72 said...

Very sweet Lou,
and a good thing it didn't work out with the intended recipient.
Funny how things work out that way eh!


Hyphen Mama said...

I wonder if Susan R knows what she missed!

Lady Language said...

Awww...it's a good think she broke up with you, but boy did she miss out ;-)

maggie's mind said...

Totally Susan R's loss because you are sweet and romantic and have a way with words. I'm glad that you made it to Annie after people who didn't "get" you the same way.

www.ayewonder.com said...

I'm pretty certain that if I published a poem about a gal I once loved/lusted after, it would be my last post, cut down in my prime by my wife. ;-)

anglophilefootballfanatic.com said...

I'm with Mike. Annie's certainly very confident in herself - which is a GREAT quality, I must add - that you can freely post poetry about an ex.