Friday Haiku - Illness

Before I run onto this Haiku, please allow me to direct your attention to this post. There's a petition there. I urge you to take a minute and sign it. Do this little thing to help a little girl, a sweet and charming little girl who is sicker than she needs to be or should be.

Haiku Friday

She is sick, Ivy,
And she doesn't have to be.
Blood Board has no heart.

She is sick, Ivy,
Some kind of immune disease.
Blood Board could cure her.

She is sick, Ivy,
But an I V could cure her.
Blood board won't allow.

She cannot go out.
She cannot play with others.
She is sick, Ivy.

The Blood Board says "No"
She cannot have the I V.
She'll live without it.

She cannot go out.
She cannot play with others.
That's her life, Ivy.

Days in hospital.
To manage the current ill.
Then home, for a while.

She is sick, Ivy.
She is never home that long.
She's back, hospital.

What kind of life, that?
For a little two year old?
She's so sick, Ivy.

Do you hear, Blood Board?
She needs the I V, Blood Board.
And you need a heart.


Jientje said...

Feeling a little dizzy.

Climbing Ivy lives forever.
She'll live, and be happy. xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh thank you Lou!

Anonymous said...

Just so very heartbreaking. I signed the petition and gave a mention before my haiku to help spread the the word some, too. Anything to help. I just can't understand why they would deny something like that, and for such a sweet little girl, too. Crazy.

Shadow said...

thanks for providing the link. i've just been there. that is so sad. you've written a beautiful tribute here. and i hope that petition is effective.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou so much Lou.

Christy said...

Oh, Lou! So sweet!

I signed the petition, and as a future nurse, I cannot BELIEVE how cruel AND shortsighted they are!

In the end, it'll be more expensive--in both $$$ and potential loss in the child's productivity--NOT to treat effectively.

Those bastards.

An enema, and some blood drawing from a student nurse on their heads!!!! (That's worse than the pox....)

Patsy said...

I too wrote about Ivy this morning. She is all that was in my heart after reading Lotus last night. Hopefully this will change some other hearts. Nice job.

Joyce-Anne said...

First, let me say, I signed the petition. My heart goes out to the Ivy and her family.

I love the haiku. You put all of my thoughts about her situation into words. Let's hope Ivy gets the help she needs.

Expat No. 3699 said...

Poor Ivy and her family. I've signed the petition. I hope it will help open some bureaucrat's eyes.

Lovely haiku for Ivy, Lou.

Unknown said...

I've signed the petition and have been so worried for Ivy for the few weeks I've been reading Tiff's blog.

How did I not see the Ivy and I V link? That's *usually* how my brain works, too!

Maddy said...

Hear, hear. Wish I could do those, well done you.
Best wishes

Ndinombethe said...

I've signed Lou and will link to Tiff's blog and the petition right now.

What a rotten world!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing this to my (our) attention. What a beautiful little girl with a horrible CURABLE disease. I have signed and hope it does some good. Great Haiku.

Nan Sheppard said...

Wow, Lou, what a creative way to do this! I signed this morning.

Jientje said...

Do you think "they" got the message?

Eric S. said...

Good way to tell the story. I went to the page, and signed the petition. I'll do a post also. I will never understand how people can withhold such treatments from the innocent children.

kyotic said...

So sad but moving...