Sunday Morning, comin' down ...

Here it is Sunday Morning and I haven't posted for the day. I went to a wedding yesterday and the reception and didn't get home until late. As the designated driver, I was sober, but it was late, nonetheless. So, I'm gonna save the good stuff for tomorrow.



warriorwoman said...

Did you get to kiss the bride?

Christy said...

Sure. Go out, party, and leave the rest of us hanging.

Lucky dog!

See you tomorrow, then!

Elizabeth said...

Did you guys do the chicken dance?

Shadow said...

hope you're having a peaceful sunday!!!

LceeL said...

warriorwoman: More than once.

Christy: Tomorrow? I'm here NOW!!

elizabeth: Nope. No chicken dance. But some boogaloo though.

shadow: Yes. A peaceful Sunday. Breakfast at my favorite restaurant. With Annie and friends. Trimmed the hedges. Mowed that back lawn. Showered. Fresh clothes. Filled the car with gas to start the week. And the Cubs are KILLING the Marlins. A Lovely Sunday.

Nicole said...

Sounds like that has been a fun day :)!

Sandy C. said...

Dude, I'm always the designated driver! We should get together and have drinks to make up for this ;)

Hope you all had a lovely time.

Jennifer said...

Hey there. I went to a wedding Sat night as well... were we at the same dang wedding, and you didn't say hi??? (just kidding) it was a blast. i was DD too, but only b/c i'm wayyyy more fun than hubby w/o needing to drink. lol but true. he had a few, okay a bunch and ended up dancing and having a ball, so that was good. we had no kids and a GREAT babysitter so life was all gravy, baby!! :)

I hope your wedding was as great as ours was!! We also got home late and then, we were up at 5:30 AM to drive down to the Jersey shore for a day at the beach. :)

glad you had a nice weekend!!