Wordless Wednesday

Because I like this shot .....

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The Tracks at the Edge of Town


Employee No. 3699 said...

Looks like a long train. Reminds me of how we'd count the boxcars as kids while waiting for it to go by.

maggies mind said...

What a gorgeous shot! The setting and the sky totally reminds me of home, all Midwestern feeling with flat green grass and big puffy white clouds against a perfect blue sky. There was a train between my house and a place we used to go when I was little, and I remember my grandma always wanting to leave early in case we were stopped by the long train and how fascinated I was when that happened. This picture brings back so much to my mind.

Hyphen Mama said...

That looks so peaceful.

We were visiting my parents 2 weekends ago. My kids are INLOVE with trains. We got stopped at the RR crossing in town and the engineer waved at my kids. You'd have thought it was the second coming.... my kids were SO EXCITED and squealy!

Emily/Randomability said...

Little Red Caboose, chug, chug, chug.
Little Red Caboose, chug, chug, chug.
Little Red Caboose behind the traaaaain..

Smoke stack on his back, back, back, back.
comin' down the track, track, track, track.

Little Red Caboose behind the train. Woo-woo!!

Holly said...

Love the clouds!

I don't know why I want to say this, but this photo looks very American.

redchair said...

It is a nice shot, especially when you enlarge and see the actual detail and cars. Cooool.

Big Momma Pimpalishisness said...

I like the contrast between the straight train line and the fluffy clouds.

warriorwoman said...

I do like taking the train.
Funny that I've never taken a train in Canada.
I've been on the train in Russia and in Belgium and from Boston to Salem, USA. Oh, and from Cobh to Cork in Ireland. And Poland.

Yeah, I guess I like the train. Something about just sitting there with the feel of the tracks beneath you.

moneythoughts said...

Beautiful photograph. You really need to blow it up to see the details and how nice those clouds lay in the sky. It is America, you can tell by the trains, they are a bigger gauge than in Europe. Too bad we don't have more trains, I liked taking the train in Europe.

anglophilefootballfanatic.com said...

Now you need to paint it, Lou! I think you would know how to do it justice.

Sandy C. said...

So...do you live on the "right" or the "wrong" side? :)

Love the poofy clouds and endless skies.

LceeL said...

employee: A LOOOONG train of empty coal cars - coming back from a power plant.

maggies mind: That is so nice. I'm glad youo found that in this picture.

hyphen mama: Your kids have their priorities straight.

emily: you are NOT old enough to remember that song.

holly: Yup. In the heart of the Midwest.

redchair: Thank you. Yes, you do have to enlarge it to really see it.

Big momma p: Yeah. The cars and the train make an upside down 'V', and the clouds do the opposite.

warriorwoman: Ooo. You have been to many places.

moneythoughts: Thank you, Fred.

AFF: Why, ma'am. You flatter me.

Sandy: Eglatarian Community. both sides are equally bad. And Ilike to poofy clouds, too.

Jennifer said...

AWESOME picture!!

it is almost as if someone purposefully positioned each and everyone of those clouds by hand. :)

I love the color of the sky and the depth of the picture.

For some reason this picture makes me feel slighly home sick. Not sure how to explain it... like I have been here before, or know this place. Hmm... probably making myself seem like a complete weirdo... sorry.

I've enjoyed this picture a lot.


Emily/Randomability said...

Yup I am old enough to know that ditty! (4/75) LOL

The family who watched my sister and I lived across the street from railroad tracks and EVERY TIME a train went by, we would stop doing what we were doing and sing it until the end of the train.

Every once in a while when I hear a train, I'll sing that to my kids too.

Mike said...

Love the way the clouds "pop" out of the sky.

nicole said...

I love this - love the lines of how the train & the cars go along with the clouds!