100 Word Challenge - pillar

What follows is in response to the 100 Word Challenge, authored by the statuesque Velvet Verbosity. The word is pillar.

We have built this thing over many years. It started small. And slowly things were added to it, building it up and making it stronger and tougher. Things we enjoyed together. First dates and long walks and babies and holding hands and total devotion. The Big Red Boat and New Smyrna and Jamaica and England. Together. And things we have survived. A stillborn baby and accidents and heart problems and lost jobs and lost friends. All of these things, and more, go into what we have built. This tower of strength, the pillar this family is built on, this 'us'.

I am excited. Again. I have been invited to write another episode in David's PLR, the Meme which involves the fictional Past Life Regressions of a young man in Australia. Seven chapters have been written, so far, and more are planned. (The link to the 1st chapter is upper left on this page and it's possible to start there and just follow right along, from chapter to chapter, by clicking on the links at the end of each piece.) There is one scheduled for today, Sunday, to be published by a young woman in Romania, which, as chance would have it, is where my previous chapter was set. I am writing this on Saturday evening and setting this up to publish at 12:01am, so I don't know, for sure, that she WILL publish. But, she's scheduled for Sunday and I am scheduled for Tuesday. The story is 99% done - I just have to get her story ending and incorporate it into the beginning of mine and away we go.

I am so amazed and flattered at the response my first story got and continues to get. I certainly hope that my second effort is as well received as my first; although I really don't see how that could happen. It has been incredible and I am so farking happy. Can you tell?

Today is paintball Sunday. I am going paintballing with ALL THREE of my sons. And plenty of other people - but my sons and I get to do so little where all four of us are involved and/or participating together - this is really special.

And I'll try not to have a heart attack.


Tash said...

Another excellent hundred words!

Looking forward to your episode. Vicki asked me to do one and I am absolutely honoured, but it's been so so long since I wrote anything fictional at all - I'm drawing a blank. Hopefully, tomorrow morning I'll have a minute to sit and let the juices flow.

Enjoy paintballing - more importantly, enjoy the time with your boys (men, I know, but still boys to you right?) and show them who's the boss!

Night Lou!

maggie's mind said...

Such a beautiful 100 words. I'm in a different but similar enough place that it resonates. Really, beautifully done.

I'm happy that you are so happy, and I look forward to the next part of the story you get to write.

Alice said...

Your "pillar" piece was great but I'll admit I had to laugh half-way through because of an association to The Big Red Boat. A friend / a bad story / a terrible break-up on The Big Red Boat.

Have fun paint-ballin'. Wear your cup.

LceeL said...

tash: We will have a good time, I'm sure. And DO get those juices flowing (creative ones, heh, heh) and write someting for David's Life.

maggie's mind: I hope you like it.

alice: Ah, yes, the big red boat - where my sons found the 24-hour Ice Cream Bar. At least we always knew where they were.
And thank you for the genuine concern for my nether regions. Touching. Very touching. Any time you like.

warriorwoman said...

good writing Lou, as usual.
you are a great read.

and heartattack?

avoid those if you could please.

I've never been paintballing and it does sound like fun.

now guns with bullets I have played with, yes.

LceeL said...

warriorwoman: No, not a heart attack - but close. 95% blocked artery. Doc put in a stent. Cool now. All else is A-OK, BTW. And why would you be playing with guns with bullets?

Mike said...

I have paintballed once and loved it. I wonder why I never did it again. Hmmm...

Sandy C. said...

Yet another poignant 100 words. Very well done. What an amazing pillar of strength you both are :)

Paintballing??? So much fun!

Hyphen Mama said...

Please no heart attack. What would we do without Lou?

LOVE the 100 word challenge. I'd try to put it into words how it made me hope that someday I'll have 30+ years behind my marriage...but I'm not poetic.

warriorwoman said...

Every girl should know how to handle a gun and pick off a moose at 300 paces.

cause........ya never know.

Sassy Mama Bear said...

Great 100 words seem we saw a similar theme within the word...mine is up at Mama Bear Writes.
Hope you had a good time at paintball.

Employee No. 3699 said...

Hey Lou, another great 100 Words. I'm looking forward to your next chapter on Tuesday!

Hope you had a great weekend with your sons and the paintball fun.


Melissa said...

That was a great thing to say about your "us". :)

Great job.