Oh blogger, where is thy sting

I see more and more people for whom the bloom is off the rose. Blogging has become a chore, it consumes too much time, it leads to dirty houses and unkempt children and piles of unwashed clothing. This blogging thing has become an addiction, for some. And they are beginning to rebel against it. They are settng rules for themselves, limits to the amount of time they will allow themselves to be consumed by their (our) addiction. And who can blame them?

I blog because, for the most part, I am a diarist. My real intent is to record my understanding of my art. But I don't do 'art' every day, and I've committed to a group that blogs every day, so I must do more than just record my thoughts and feelings regarding art. So there is something here every day. And I comment. On a number of different blogs, every day. And it takes a lot of time, every day. And I, like so many others, am beginning to wonder if this is the best application of my time and effort.

I look at the blogs that I comment on, and I wonder which of them I might 'cut back' on; which of them I might skip, once in awhile. I can't find any. Even the ones who never come to my blog and comment are hard to cut. I cut one out today. It took me over a week to finally do the deed. It feels like I have lost a friend.

I have had some time issues lately. I haven't visited blogs like I should, and haven't responded to comments like I know I should. And it has been hard to pick up the thread now that the time issues are mostly resolved. But I am working my way back to full participation. I am working my way back into the presence of my 'cyber family'. Where I really do want to be. Time notwithstanding. And effort. Because if you think it's easy coming up with all those witty, wise, sarcastic and obscene comments - well, it is. I <3 you guys.


innkeeper said...

And we would miss you if you decided that you were "wasting time" by blogging.

Like you, I committed to Blog365, missed some days, gave it up as a bad job. However, now I blog daily because I also am a diarist and I know that a few people read my blog and expect something to be there. I look at the mirror effect, that I read others' blogs and am disappointed when they don't post for a while or say they're going to give it up. They've become friends and I miss them.

I only learned recently that I should be responding to any comment someone leaves, but sometimes there isn't anything to reply. "Uh, thanks for the comment....?"

Just keep posting. We'll keep reading.

P.S. You're right. Annie is lovely.

Rebecca said...

I almost didn't write something last night to be posted at midnight. Then I found something that cracked me up, so I posted.

It's been both a real bummer and a valuable exercise to find SOMETHING to write about every day. And as I blogged about yesterday, most days (the large majority of days) I would blog anyway. (This is why I signed up for Blog 365.) But the days that I just don't want to write or HAVE nothing to write about are hard.

And I don't kid myself that people come in throngs to read what I've written. Nor will they all disappear if I don't blog for a few days. But I still can't cut the Blog 365 cord.

Thankfully, "having" to blog is my worst problem right now. If we could all be so lucky every day.


Myst_72 said...

It's just seems to get to this point sometimes eh.
You seem to get a few days behind and then BAM!
I like reading your blog, and I also blog as a diarist it's good to look back on - if I had to write it on paper I probably wouldn't do it!

Hope you feel caught up and back into the swing of things soon,


GirlBlue said...

Lou don't think because you don't see my country come up on feedit that I don't read you everyday. I do, just from google reader and there are times like yesterday that I say I'm coming back to comment but put off until late.

I love it when you visit me and leave your comments, although I know at times I worry you. I would really miss you if you don't at least swing by once a week and leave me some witty, sarcastic but especially obscene comments.

witchypoo said...

Please don't desert me. I'm going away for most of the summer, but should be able to post if I get good internet access.

Allison said...

I know how hard it can be sometimes to post. The times I haven't, I've been really down and I just don't want to go through all the whining. It's bad enough doing it in my own head, ya know? But I come back. And I try to do something every day. I think that's why I'm coming up with all these great things in my writing life---I mean, if I can be fairly regular about posting to a blog, then of course I can take the hour that Sesame Street is on and write creatively too. And maybe I can step it up one day to where I'm freelancing, ya know? And then I can start earning money from that. Because I love to write, and I love to research (really, I did this little thing about the creation of the Southern Baptist church for that class I was taking at church, and I sorta over did it even though I only talked about the important question, not all that I got. But I loved doing it, and when everyone said thanks, I said "it's just who I am." I should have said "you're welcome, I enjoyed it," huh?)

I doubt I'm one of those you would drop (I would hope not---I do love talking to you and commenting back and forth :-D), but as for if I were to leave---it wouldn't be because of the state of this house :-S because this house would probably look like this either way. I mean, I crochet my little heart out. It's part of who I am. Yeah, under the labels I have for myself, it's like #3---behind being a Christian, and being a mommy and wife, which belong together because I'm not one without the other. :-)

nicole said...

I really miss the shit out of blogging and especially commenting...! I have the time, but simply not the connection *cries silently* Like today - it took me forever to get my blog post up, let alone to get to anyones blog and leave a comment, sniff....
But as you, I hate it when someone leaves my Cyberfamily. But I have seen so many go over the years that I get used to it....sort of....

Alice said...

I agree with you totally. Sometimes it DOES feel like a chore and I've always found writing to be chore-ish to me. I mainly started blogging for my kids, so they'd know about me and what happened in their lives since I don't scrapbook or keep a diary.

It's better now that I don't feel the pressure to put something down everyday. It does get time consuming and I always think of the mom with lots of kids who blogs about three times a day and wonder how much she is neglecting her kids to be able to do it so often.

LceeL said...

innkeeper: I think so, too. And no, I don't think I'm in any danger of thinking this a waste of time. Quite the contrary. It's just focusing my effort that may become a necessity.

Rebecca: I will read you for as long as you blog.

myst_72: I getting back on top. I am.

girlblue: Yes, there are times you worry me. How is our chevron girl?

Allison: No, you aren't one I would drop. And I will always visit you.

nicole: Welkommen. I love your pictures and value YOU.

alice: I love you.

Queen Goob said...

Thy sting has lefteth thy bottom.

I feel your pain; but of course I am one of those that are having difficulties finding the time to blog every day. Summer is a busy time at our house and I find that the less time I spend blogging, the less time I make for it the next day.

I started a photo blog this past week. It allows for a very quick daily post without the need to write, rewrite, and edit one more time for content. Even if I don't get to write every day, I am going to do my best to post a photo every day possible.

And yes, SWMBO is very pretty - lucky you.

Honeybell said...

I don't mind the unwashed laundry, unkempt children, or the unfinished algebra so much.

It's the unwatched TV that really upsets me.

anglophilefootballfanatic.com said...

I think I've sorta managed a happy medium. I blog when I have the time. And, when I don't? I won't. It can't consume. I also tend to think it's a cycle. I've been around almost a year & I see it over and over. People who forget why they started in the first place and lose the them to the blog. I fully understand, my friend. And, I have only eliminated a very few. One who gave me ulcers. One who insulted openly. And, one that was teetering on exploitation.

redchair said...

Hi Lou,
I hope you didn't drop me? I'd get my feeling hurt- big time!

I haven’t actually dropped anyone, but know where you’re coming from. I have one that I can only read once in awhile. The stories took a real negative turn, that’s just to much for me. The thing that’s sad is that the individual is brilliant. But, if “we ‘aint having fun…it’s not a playground for me.”

On a happy note- I got ‘Arte y Picoed’ and I’m handing the torch to you, Lou Ceel, artist extraordinare. It’s fun.
Take a look at my blog.

warriorwoman said...

what to do when there just isn't enough of you to go around? keep what's important of course - family, work (cause an income is always nice), and of course art.

me - I hang onto sanity - nothing else matters

Holly said...

It is tough to know how and where to limit or expand blogging. As a mom, I blog and comment when my child is asleep. I don't have lots of dirty laundry -- but sure, if I spent time cleaning house instead of blogging, my house would be a bit cleaner! :)

Sandy C. said...

What? You ditching me Lou? Say it ain't so :(

My oh my, does your post reflect my thoughts or what?

Blogging has truly become my drug. It affects my life, family, emotions, etc...but without it, I go through withdrawals :(

Perhaps we need a blog365 intervention?

Eve Grey said...

I have certainly noticed the same thing. There is just an ebb & flow for blogging. When the nice weather starts, people head outside.
You are a very cool guy. ♥

The Intracerebral Itinerary said...

I've been keeping a journal for most of my life- now a lot of it is online. I can't blog everyday for my life is demanding, but I can see how some folks just can't help themselves.

innkeeper said...

Some great comments here! My problem is not that I can't find topics to blog about--it's that so many come across my path during the day and I can't remember them when I finally sit down to blog! Dang. I hate getting old. I even make notes sometimes because I constantly carry around paper and pen--otherwise I'm lost without my list. And if I have multiple topics to blog about at end of day? Woo-hoo! Jackpot! I write them all and keep them in draft. When I have that occasional day (like today) when the brain bucket is empty, I just pull up one of the drafts and either post now or set it to post tomorrow. Keep 'em coming down the pipeline....

Hyphen Mama said...

I know how you feel. I wonder if I'd be a better mother, wife, housekeeper if I weren't blogging. But today I MET in person one of the bloggy friends I've read. She is so awesome and I hope to keep her as a real life friend. Now to me, that's what I do it for. That connection that I don't get in my real world.

I blog when I can. Sometimes it's days on end that I can't seem to get to my computer. Sometimes I blog twice in one day. I try very hard not to give myself grief over it. I do what I can, when I can. For you... is it too late to bag the 365 thing and only post when you really feel it in your heart?

Of course I will miss you. But life passes too quickly to regret not spending time being present in your own world.