A few notes and stuff

First of all, I got this earlier in the week from Hyphen Mama at Mommy Needs Five Minutes, one of my favorite people and someone about whom I feel just. the. same.

Besides, recently she's mentioned something about flying and a three-way. The woman KNOWS how to make her way into MY heart, fer sure.

Some of you have made mention that I look 'sad' in my self portrait. When I painted that portrait, I was essentially working from memory, even though I was looking into a mirror while doing the piece.

All I was getting from the mirror was 'light' and 'dark' and the general shape and outline of my head. I was just trying to get the right proportions. Because I KNOW my face - so I was able to do the features based on what I think my face looks like. In working from memory, I was 'seeing' my face as 'I' see it - not as 'you' see it. What you see is me as I see me - or as I remember seeing me. Just thought you should know. And I really want to thank everyone who commented on the piece. It's the best thing I've done and I am SO happy it has been so well received by all of you.

I am going to finish my Irish landscape one of these days - honest I am. But I may do another portrait in the meantime, just to see what happens. Of my son, Zach. We'll see.

Hug him, if you have him. Try to make sure he has a happy Father's Day.


Allison said...

I think you did pretty good. It definitely looks a lot like you, which is a good thing. I'm better at producing imagery with words. I actually managed to write 2 whole pages today! I haven't sat down and really wrote in ages. And I did it at the computer!

Rebecca said...

Awww... that's such a nice award! :)

Elizabeth said...

The painting evoked a lot of emotion for me. And considering the day I had yesterday I sensed some despair and I felt that I could relate.

Sandy C. said...

Congrats on the award! It's hard not to luv ya Lou :)

That's incredible you did your portrait mostly from memory. I don't think I remember details of myself that well.

Can't wait to see the next piece!
Hope you're having a lovely Father's Day weekend.

witchypoo said...

Happy Father's Day! But I will hug my older son instead of my father, because my son is a great father, and my father is a M.O.P. (Miserable Old Prick)

Eve Grey said...

Happy Father's day! I feel very lucky becuase we are celebrating four dads at my house tomorrow. Mine, my father-in-law, my husband & my brother-in-law (sister's husband).

Elizabeth said...

Happy Father's Day! I hope you have a fantastic one!

Hyphen Mama said...

Happy Father's Day!

I'll up the ante and offer a 3 way AT ALTITUDE. Would that be a new type of Mile High Club? ha ha ha

I, too, was wondering about the "sad" look, but assumed that if you were looking into a mirror it might be kinda weird smiling at yourself while painting. Glad to know the REAL story!

redchair said...

Congrats and Happy Father�s Day, Lou!

In reference to your portrait-You know this is really an interesting point that your readers are bringing up: If you look at most ALL self-portraits, none of us portray ourselves with smiling or happy faces. In fact, we all do self-portraits looking more like police mug shots. The one I showed last week could be interpreted as sad also and there�s nothing further from the truth

It�s really a conumdrum for the artist. We portray other people looking happy, but we don�t portray ourselves that way. What�s up with that?
Just my guess, but I think it�s because we fear it would be received as vain or narcissistic? Your readers make a good point and they�ve certainly set me to task. I�m going to do a self-portrait where I portray myself, as I would like to seen- Happy.