Sunday, sunday, so good to me

Well, actually, it could do better. What started out as bright, sunny morning with the promise of warmth has devolved into a potentially rainy afternoon. Right now, high stratus clouds have drifted in and they are very dark to the West, which is where our weather comes from - the West. So all the plans for work in the yard, which had been progressing so well, are now on hold.

I may be forced to watch the Cubs game.

On the other hand, after I have a small lunch there is a very good possibility I will go downstairs and paint. Of course, I keep saying that and somehow I never do, but this time there is a sense of urgency - I want to be done with "Erin" before class starts on Wednesday. Speaking of class, I purchased 3 9x12 canvasses today and a nice new brush. I am slowly (and I do mean slowly) acquiring a nice set of brushes of better quality. Not 'BEST', but better than I have been using. And I have a nice selection of top quality paint now, much better than the 'student' grade paints I have used in my first two paintings. My class work, coming up, will be done with the new paints - another reason I am quite anxious to get started.

What follows is a shameless attempt to make a couple of bucks.

Speaking of paints and brushes - the Blicks icon on the left side of this page will take you to their online store. There ARE things there which you can only purchase online. So it's worth looking at. There are Art supplies for all disciplines and levels of expertise as well as stuff that works at a 'KID' level. And, of course, since orders of over $200.00 are shipped FREE in the continental US, it makes some sense to get together with friends and/or neighbors, playdate Moms, etc. and place one big order for everybody's stuff instead of separate small orders. Just click on the icon.

There. I've gotten it out of my system. Now to sit back and watch the bucks roll in. Or not.


Elizabeth said...

"What started out as bright, sunny morning with the promise of warmth has devolved into a potentially rainy afternoon."

My morning started out stormy and rainy... and my afternoon hasn't improved. Neither has my mood.

On a brighter note, I'm enjoying watching your paintings in progression!

Allison said...

Our day has been sunny and warm all day. I have to say, I've got mixed feelings about that though. We got to take a walk as a family, but I had really looked forward to the rain that I had heard we were supposed to have (though maybe that's supposed to happen tomorrow, I just barely caught it this morning. Or was it yesterday? Anyhow...). I like rain. I'm (gasp) in something of a good mood (a walk always helps), so it would just be fun to watch! :-)

Hope the Cubs game went (is going?) well. I'm a football chic, not a baseball one.

Hyphen Mama said...

I love a good rainy day. It breaks up the need to be outside making progress on yard work. As it is, I ended up spending WAY too much time outside today. But it ended with roasting marshmallows on the firepit, so I can't complain.

I hope you got to paint today and that your day turned into a nice treat.