Physical Therapy

There have been times in my life when I have been accused of being in need of Therapy. And maybe there's been a time or two when that assessment might actually have been accurate. Other times - I'm not so sure. I mean problems are problems, but really only when those problems affect other people, right? If I have a problem, but it doesn't bother anybody, then it really isn't a problem and doesn't require Therapy, right? And besides, sexual addiction sounds worse that it really is. It's that word 'addiction' ... that's what makes it seem like a problem. Everybody's down on addictions, right? Hard word.

Anyway, I had Physical Therapy today. I've had a long standing issue with my shoulder and my elbow has been bothering me since I did all the driveways on the block right around last Christmas - when I bought the new snow blower. No good deed .... Anyway, I'm tired and sore, I want to paint some stuff before our last class tomorrow night, and I have some exercises to do before bed, so I'm going to leave the Internet in the safe hands of y'all. Just make sure that you put in your entry in Allison's contest, which you can reach by clicking on the big red thumbnail in the upper left sidebar. Contest closes tomorrow. And yes, I am a judge. And yes, I will be fair. ;>)


witchypoo said...

Sexual addiction is only a problem when your poor wife is the sole recipient. She gits tired, you know.
Feel better soon. Shoulder. I know you'll always be a horny bugger.

Sandy C. said...

I can certainly think of worse addictions. Hope your shoulder and elbow feel better soon.

I've sent off my entry to Allison!

Elizabeth said...

I have an addiction to Indian food. I'm in recovery now. ;)

Rebecca said...

I would say that some problems are problems, even IF it's only a problem for the person with the problem. Clear as mud? :)

For instance, I suffer from anxiety and depression. Often, this doesn't affect others. But it's still debilitating. And scary. And not fun. So I am getting treatment for it.

At the moment, however, my problems with anxiety and depression ARE affecting those around me and the "things" themselves, both personally and professionally. This makes it doubly important for me to seek treatment.

Think of it another way. If a person has diabetes, that's a problem, a physical problem. Even if the person is a hermit it's a problem.

And if the person has a family, it's an even BIGGER problem, because it DOES affect others.

Depression and anxiety (at least clinical depression and anxiety) are diseases that involve the brain. The brain is an organ, a physical part of the body, just like the pancreas (which is screwed up in people with diabetes) is a physical part of the body.

If the brain isn't made better, with whatever combination of drug and talk therapy is required, parts of the brain die. (No lie.) Dying brains are not healthy brains.

So with depression and anxiety, it's a problem whether it affects just the person or the person's friends, family, and workmates.

Was that more answer than you wanted? :)

This is something I've been thinking a lot about, and something I've considered blogging about. I may "steal" from myself and use this comment as the start of a blog post. Thank you for letting me share.

As for your physical therapy, I hope you get good results and that you're feeling better soon. :)

LceeL said...

Witchypoo: Guilty as charged.

Sandy: Yay. I can think of worse, too. And none better.

Elizabeth: Yummmmmm. Curried lamb.

Rebecca: Therapy went fine and I'm sure I'm going to feel better. Although the post was made with tongue firmly planted in cheek, please know that anytime you need someone to listen - I'm there for you. And to the extent that listening can help - I'm there. Good advice? I'm probably the wrong guy - but I CAN listen.

Hyphen Mama said...

My husband calls mowing the lawn "physical" therapy. Now I'm all pissed off that he won't let me do it. If he's going to pick ONE thing to do around the house, why does it need to be one of the things I enjoy?

And he'd swear he's a sex addict, too. I just laugh in his face and tell him to head to rehab.

Hyphen Mama said...

as an aside: if you're ever in need of blog fodder, I'd LOVE to hear more of the story of you and Annie. I did follow the link and read the 13 things...but something sticks in my head about a 16 and 31 year-old and it TOTALLY WORKED. Kismet? Fate? Destiny? Soul mates?

Anonymous said...

There are many worse addictions. My SIL is a DPT (doctorate of PT) & if you want, I'll ask her if there's anything you can do at home to work on it?!

Kelley said...

Ok OK! I am on my way over.

But when this comp is finished I think I know a really cool button that would look purdy in it's place.

You know what I am talking about... you know you want to.

Velvet Verbosity said...

oooh, I'm late commenting on this. I hope the PT goes well. I had to have that a few years ago and it sure helped me recover from a car accident. Can't say that I liked it much though.

As for addiction, I know you were joking so I won't bother pointing out how serious addictions really are, particularly sex addiction. Whoops, I think I just said it. hehe.

Lady Language said...

I FINALLY signed up for your feed. I need to keep better track of my favorite bloggers and have been neglectful. I hope your shoulder does well with therapy and take care of yourself!