100 Word Challenge - Distraction

The following is in response to the 100 Word Challenge authored by the noticeable Velvetverbosity. The word is "Distraction".

"Where are you going?"
"I have to get up and go to work."
"Can't you just cuddle for a little while?"
"Well, okay, just for a few minutes though. I have to get ready."
"Well? Get a little closer."
"How's this?"
"Better. But put your hands here ... warm me up."
"Warm you up? How is putting my hands there going to warm you up?"
"Not there, silly. THERE."
"Oh .. okay .. you know, I really don't have time for this."
"But I'm feeling so much warmer now."
"Yeah .. me, too."
"Do you REALLY have to go?"
"Well .. maybe not this minute ...."

Ahem. Moving on ... I really enjoy these Challenges. They make me think and consider and sometimes, just sometimes, they are REALLY fun to play with .. so to speak. But I cannot allow myself to be distracted, at the moment, I really do have to go to work. When I went to bed last night, I had nothing. My inspiration came with the rising of the sun. Now that I've been inspired, and written my inspiration down, I have to go. Later.



Old Knudsen said...

I started to read this and then I .....................

nicole said...

It all of a sudden got warm in here too - and I have to wait until Sunday,....sigh....

witchypoo said...

So, which one of you is the horny bugger again?

LceeL said...

Old Knudsen: Fell asleep again, eh?

nicole: Sunday will come (ooops!) ah ... get here soon enough.

witchypoo: No gender assigned to the dialog. On purpose. guess.

Sandy C. said...

Oh man...this same exact dialog happens daily in this house. Well, except there is usually a toddler interruption :(

secret agent mama said...

Dude, I am still perplexed about this prompt. I was ___ close to doing a dialog like yours, too. I'm still not sure what I'm doing as I have five things started. I'll get it up by tonight, though.

Yours I love.. Always!

LceeL said...

Sandy: I know, I know. I remember. And you can never lock the door, either.

Mishi: I went to bed last night absolutely dry. I had nuthin'. Nothing that wanted to work, anyway. I was actually working on a "Get your homework done" piece - in dialog, like the one I did. Personally, I like this one because the sex of the speaker is completely disguised.

Hyphen Mama said...

I'd like to say that made me all warm, too. But alas, I'm preparing for tonight's installment of GATHER THE HOOD 'ROUND MY OPEN WINDOWS TO DETER BURGALING...so I'm a bit chilly. It's a bit nipply, actually!

LceeL said...
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LceeL said...

hyphen mama: Figures. You're there and I'm here and I'm missing all the action. At least your goods are safe. (heh, heh) Nipply. Well. There goes MY mind for the evening. Anybody who doesn't understand this needs to go here. Read the post and then read the comments.

Lady Language said...

She has a great blog and
I wish I had more time to
partake in these challenges
Someday, when I get rid
of the Lady and pay more
attention to me :-)

Kelley said...

This usually ends with 'stop whining you big girly man' in my house.

Elizabeth said...

The other night I cuddled up to my hubby because I'm perpetually cold and he's perpetually hot. It makes for a lukewarm combination. LOL

Velvet Verbosity said...

Oh my! Now that IS a distraction. I'm going to be posting these on Sundays from now on. My internet is still down but should be back up today. Long story.