Bling Monday

I got some bling from some VERY. NICE. PEOPLE. recently, and here they are:

Kim at Frog Ponds Rock and Tiff at Three Ring Circus both gave me this - Kim grew it and gave it to me and also gave it to Kim, who in turn passed it along to me - so I get it twice. How cool is that???

And then I got this next one from Kelley at
Magneto Bold Too:

UPDATE: I missed one I never should have. The lovely Marita at Stuff With Thing gave me this:

I think I got 'em all. I have a small store of bling given to me by others - sometime during the first week in April, I am going to pass some stuff along to people that have grown to mean much to me since I've become a blogger. I think, when I come back from England, I may even have to invent some bling of my very own.

Meanwhile, some of you have seen and commented on the picture I have chosen to use as the source for the art class painting. I'm glad everybody seems to like what I have chosen, but some of you have been less than specific about which picture you like better. I need some help here people!!!


Lady Language said...

Congrats on the bling, well deserved. And have fun in England - all the ladies will miss you!

Nicole said...

Congrats on the Bling :D
I got the rocking frogs from Miss widdleshamrock a few days back :)
They are too cute :)!

Kelley said...

Nice? Sigh. I am losing my edge aren't I? LMAO

You are very welcome. Your comments never fail to either make me smile or gaffaw.

Elissa - Managing Autism said...

I thought the first picture... but no I think maybe the second picture... not much help am I?!?

And congrats on the bling - you're becoming quite decorated!!!

LceeL said...

Lady language: Thank you. I will have fun. And if I can get my hands on a PC over there, I'll just keep on bloggin'.

nicole: Not as cute as you.

Kelley: No Kelley, you haven't lost a thing. And I'm SO GLAD I can make you smile. Or guffaw. Gauffaw is good. Yeah. I kinda like that. Guffaw. I gotta go tell Annie I make people guffaw. Maybe she'll lighten up a bit.

Elissa: Thanks, you're sweet. As to the picture, although I did the crop in order to get closer to the 'rules', I actually like the full shot better, now that I've looked at it for a few days. And, of course, in a 16x20 painting, everything will be a bit larger. Remember, the picture is a guide - I am not going to try to reproduce the scene EXACTLY - if I were going to do that, well, the picture IS there.

Sandy C. said...

Congrats on the bling Lou! You are such a sweetheart, why doesn't it surprise me :) Hope you're having a great week!

warriorwoman said...

you deserve some bling.


Rebecca said...

Yay for you! :) I'm glad you're part of my blogosphere!

storyteller said...

Congrats on all the awards. You seem to have lots going on here and I’m looking forward to getting better acquainted as time permits.
Hugs and blessings,