new painting - new update

There is an update (of sorts) to the second piece. I've changed my mind just a bit about the source picture, reprinted it in color and black & white, posed them in a picture and posted it here. The B&W is in a clip which holds it up next to the canvas for ready reference during the underpainting. The color picture will take it's place when the underpainting is done and the painting starts accepting color.

We're getting ready. Stay tuned.


Dre the Texican said...

Good morning, Lou, it's Peas in My Hair / Dre the Texican.

Neat that you are into art. Have you read Living the Artist's Life by Paul Dorrell? He is a friend of mine in Kansas City, and I just love this book. Here's his website: www.pauldorrell.com

Have a great day!

LceeL said...

Peas: I'll check out his site. Thanks. Gallery owner, eh? Hmmmm. No, no , no. Get that out of your mind, Lou. (Now THAT's the height of ambition - you know, like the flea crawlin' up the elephants butt with rape on his mind.)

Nicole said...

Never shorten your dreams :)

Veronica said...

Sorry about my commentluv plugin, I will look for an update for it today and hope that it fixes it.