I can see the weekend from here ...

It's Thursday. Tomorrow is Friday (and Payday) and then it's SATURDAY.

Last night I decided that Wednesday evenings are going to be dedicated to painting (that's the night that class was on - I figure that's as good a night as any). And I made a change to my painting and posted the change. I had a plan and I executed the plan. And it turned out mostly o.k., although I wasn't really happy with what I had managed to get done. but I felt I was moving in the proper direction.

When I was a kid, my Gramps used to tell me to 'leave well enough alone'. It was a lesson, apparently, I never learned.

I almost ruined my painting, screwing around with the clouds. I went back downstairs to work on the piece, after I had posted the update to the other blog. I did more work - I wanted to level out the clouds, so they were at the same level on both sides of the mountain. Before I knew it, the whole upper mountain was completely shrouded in 'cloud' - not what I wanted, at all. I had gone down there without a specific plan of action in mind and the paintbrush just took on a life of its own and it got real ugly - fast. However, there is a saving grace about working in oil. It dries REAL slow. Especially as you paint 'fat over lean'. 'Fat' means there is a lot of oil in second and subsequent layers of paint - that way the paint won't crack. But lots of oil means it takes forever to dry to the touch. Which means you have time to correct mistakes. In this case, I took an old tee shirt and wiped away the offending 'cloud' and left, in its place, a rather misty effect over the mountain. It looks cool - I think. I haven't made up my mind, yet. When I go home, tonight, I will assess the situation again. I may have to tweak it, a bit, but I will post the update and see what y'all think.

After all, there's plenty of time to fix it. It's fat.


Sandy C. said...

Whew! Thank goodness for oil paints :) I had no idea it allowed correction. My heart sank when I read "I almost ruined my painting"..*gasp*

Kelley said...

You sound so much like my dad. He is a photographer and artist. Just reading this made me think of him. Betcha he is out painting in his shed right now...

LceeL said...

Sandy: Just the reason I DON'T work in acrylic. It dries way too fast. Besides, I like the consistency of oil paint better than acrylic - acrylic is too thin.

Kelley: It comes with age. After you're done being a 'romantic figure', you become a 'fatherly' one.

Nicole in Kuwait said...

Grin, you Grandparents were smart ;)!
I'm glad you could save the painting, would be a shame.
But then again, you are the one to decide what's the Best for it :)

Elissa - Managing Autism said...

Misty sounds good!?!

I never knew oil paints dried like that - you learn something new everyday!!

PS - Thanks for the tip on the book, I'm going looking for it tomorrow!