I'm back, I'm front, I'm sideways ...

Well, sort of. I am finally back at it - I updated my painting today and posted a new picture of it and now I'm here in this blog - just touching base. I'm going to go see what my friends have been up to - make some appropriate (or inappropriate, as the mood dictates)comments and then see what happens after that. As a member (late arriving, but still a member) of NaBloPoMo, I have been given to nderstand that there is a similar effrot of 2008 - the whole year.

I'm thinking, I'm thinking.


Sandy C. said...

Go Lou! Go Lou!....That's me cheering you on to join the crazy train with us over at Blog365 ;)

the rules are nice and loosey goosey!

I posted an entry about it...and there are some very extreme replies...