Haiku Friday - Distractions

Haiku Friday

There are times that come,
When I cannot concentrate,
your words roll off me.

I lose track of the
Empathy and Sympathy,
I cannot focus.

Distractions come quick,
And they are not unwelcome,
They shield me from you.

And yet I need you,
Your love and approbation,
I know I'll be back.

I will bring you love,
kindness and understanding.
'cause it's what we need.



Jientje said...

I guess that happens to all of us, sometimes, no? Take your time, we'll still be here. Going to miss reading here while I'm on holiday. But I will be back too! See you in two weeks, Lou!

Theresa said...

Beautiful and honest. As you always are, Lou :)

Michael said...

First two verses describe what I feel like today at work!

Anonymous said...

When I was young I used to "bring" what I needed to the other person. If I needed it, I thought they did too. Now I open my heart & mind to the needs of the other person, & I try to "bring" that if I can. ~Mary

Maggie's Mind said...

Good stuff, Lou, and nicely 'ku'd. I think we've all felt that way at some point.

Anonymous said...

that's the best one i've read yet.

nice work.

Holly said...

Love, kindness and understanding to you, Lou!

Loraine said...

Distractions keep me from a lot of people I'd rather be spending time with...

jabblog said...

All things pass and just the good memories remain - keep smiling.

Tara R. said...

The first Haiku is perfect. Exactly how I've been feeling.

Unknown said...


Mariposa said...

Wow...you've pinned it down with few words!

Momisodes said...

So heartfelt and honest. This is beautiful Lou.

Unknown said...

Jientje: Have fun on your holiday.

Theresa: Thank you, Theresa. You're kind.

Michael: Just don't lose track of YOU, Michael.

FrankandMary: That is all anyone can ask, isn't it?

Maggie's Mind: Yeah. every once in a while ....

Warriorwitch: Thank you, ma'am.

HollyATOM: Thank you, Holly.

Loraine: Sometimes that happens ...

Jabblog: I do. I do keep smiling.

Tara R: You just need some time to recharge.

Hyphen Mama: Precisely.

Mariposa: Thank you, Mariposa.

Momisodes: Thank you, Sandy.

Ree said...

Must have been something in the air. ;-) And I'm just catching up.

Patsy said...

This says so much about what I'm struggling with right now. The words just aren't there when I sit to write my blog. It all keeps coming out as a whine and I just don't want that. So until I can find the words that are less depressing I'm having to just read and comment. Thanks for always writing what I'm feeling --- things will get better and hopefully sooner rather than later.