Sarah - North Vegas

From last time ...

"Yeah, I guess. Tomorrow we'll take the sedan into North Vegas and I'll show you the scene so you can see it in your head. Get a good night's sleep, Sarah."

"I will, Mackey. Good night. Kiss Ma for me, okay?"

"Kiss her yourself. If I kiss Ma, it's for ME."

And now ...

Sarah watched out the window as the shabby streets of North Vegas rolled by - empty lots and derelict buildings surrounding tight little neighborhoods of low buildings built cheap and easy.

"How much farther, Mackey?"

"It a little closer in towards the Strip. About 4 or 5 more blocks."

"Are there as many kids there as there are here? Christ. They're everywhere."

"By the time we take this shot the kids will be off the street - and I've got your line of fire figured out ... you'll see when we get there."

"We're not going up on the roof, are we?"

"Nah. You'll see where it is, is all. And we'll drive down the street so you can see the front of the tavern."

"Okay. So where is it? Shouldn't we be there by now?"

"That's it right over there."

"Pull over. I want to look."

Across the street from them and a little farther ahead, sat a little Bodega with an apartment on the second floor. It was an adobe building, with a small parapet around the flat roof that she'd be able to get down behind to hide herself.

"How do we get up there, Mackey?"

"Later today, Two Feathers is gonna have one of his boys park a truck in the lot next to the Bodega. We'll use a short ladder off the top of the truck to get on the roof. There's nobody living in the upstairs right now, so when we're done we'll come down off the roof through a trap door up there into the apartment and we'll just walk out. We'll throw everything into the back of the truck and away we go."

"Alright, alright. That works. Let's drive by the place."

Mackey pulled away from the curb and started down the street.

"There's too many kids here, Mackey."

"They won't be on the street when we take this shot. I promise."

"They better not be - otherwise, we don't take the shot."

"It'll be okay ... now .. here's the tavern and there's the lot next to the tavern. Your line of fire is right into that pile of junk in the middle of the lot - so if you miss, that's where your bullet will go."

"Good, Mackey. Just the way I want it."

"Anything else?"

"Two Feathers has seen all this?"

"Yeah. He knows the layout like the back of his hand."

"Good. He needs to get our equipment and put it in the truck. I want our stuff on the roof and under a tarp. He can see to it tonight."

"Okay. I tell him right away. I can call from from a gas station or something - but we better get back and start getting things ready for him if they're gonna take our stuff in for us."

"Well, don't sit there yackin', Mackey. Put some giddyup in this thing."

"Aye, aye, Ma'am."


Tara R. said...

You do such a good job at creating suspense.