Sarah - Takes the Shot

From last time ...

"Damn. He's out of the shot."

"Steady, Sarah. He'll come back into the shot. Don't chase the target. Let the target come to you."

"Here he comes, Mackey. Here ... he ... comes."

And Now ...

Mackey peered into his scope. He could see Herrera stepping into the doorway. He heard Sarah - a long, slow exhale - he knew she was ready to take the shot.

It sounded like a cough. He saw Herrera drop like a stone, to the sidewalk, his head a confusion of flesh and blood.

The muscle men crouched low and guns just seemed to appear in their hands when an explosion went off in the empty lot on one side of the store and a sudden cloud of thick white smoke erupted in the middle of the street on the other side.

"Alright, they're distracted. Let's get down off this roof. Two Feathers is going to be 'round the backside of this place in a minute and we have to be ready to get in and go."

"Yeah. In a second."

Sarah's voice sounded constricted. She lay there for a few seconds and then started to get up.

"What's the matter with you? Let's go!!"

"I just peed my pants."

Mackey saw the spread of dark wetness at her crotch and upper thighs.

"Stay low. Maybe nobody'll notice."

"Fuck you, Mackey."

Sarah tore down her rifle and put it in the aluminum case that Jake had opened, so long ago, to show it to her, while Mackey slipped his weapon down the long tube he had special made for Jake's old sniper rifle. They climbed down off the roof just as Two Feathers came around the corner in Sarah's Jeep. Sarah placed her rifle case in the back and Mackey put his down next to hers and threw the camouflage netting he had gathered up from the roof over the weapons. He laid the rest of his equipment on top of the netting - to hold it down. Sarah got in on the passenger side, Mackey got in to drive and Two Feathers walked across the street to get into his own car.

Mackey called out to Two Feathers.

"We'll meet at the line shack. We have to stop off at Ma's for a minute or two, so we'll be a little longer getting there than you."

Two Feathers waved and drove off.

"You did good, Sarah. Real good."

"I feel sick."

"He was a target, Sarah. You take the shot and you walk away. You don't take any of what you did with you. You can't. You'll make yourself crazy if you do."

Mackey started the Jeep and they started moving.

"Put your head down between your knees, and if you're going to puke, do it over the side. We've got a long drive ahead of us and that stuff stinks."

"I'll be okay. Just drive."

Sarah lay back in the seat and closed her eyes. Her shoulder ached some, not from recoil, but from squeezing everything so tightly as she tried to hang on to the rifle, control her bladder and deal with the cramps. Shit, that's the last time I do this when I'm having my period.

"Mackey, find a gas station, will you? I need the ladies."

"Sure. First one I find."


Moonrayvenne said...

I like how you added the personal stuff about Sarah. It made it sem more life real life.

Tara R. said...

Thanks for not making us wait a week for the next episode.

You are such a wonderful story teller. I feel like I am 'right there.'

Jientje said...

Sarah is having her period! ROFL, you're a genius!

Grandmother Mary said...

Sarah's reaction after a murder seems much more realistic than what's shown on TV or is usually written in books. This I can relate to and believe. Good writing.

Emily/Randomability said...

I'm LOVING it!!!! Can't wait for next weekend, although with Easter next week, I'm sure we'll have to wait another week.

Heather said...

I LOVE IT! Perfection. Seriously, I cannot WAIT for this weekend. You WILL post it this weekend, right?

Big Mark 243 said...

Adding her cycle in to complicate her first kill only makes it more legitimate. After all, when does the first time of something so big go according to plan and without a hitch?

Great stuff.