David's PLR - Part 4

This is PART 4 of the account of David Taylor's Past Life Regression therapy. To start at the beginning go here.

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And now, at the close of the last session ....

Suddenly, I could hear a blood curdling scream and it took me some time to realise it was coming out of my own mouth. I couldn’t breathe. I was trapped. I felt like the life was being sucked from me. Our safe haven had become a choking prison of hell.

Then... complete blackness and a deathly silence.......

And so ended my second session. I was a shambles. And I felt ... relieved. And the Doctor said that what we did was good but he felt that there was more. We need more sessions, he said. And so, my third session found me wandering the streets of Sibiu, Romania, in the year 1282 .....

For many years I, Yacob Vobescu, have wandered the streets of this city. This dirty, smelly clump of mud pathways and stone hovels that passes for city in this part of the world.

I spit on this city! Pah!

Ah, but someday, someday, we'll go to Jerusalem! The New Jerusalem with streets paved in gold and marble palaces and wine flowing freely. Where I can sell my trinkets at a fair profit and no one will have to go hungry or dress in rags and we will rebuild the Temple. Ah, the Temple.

But I am an old man. This place holds me like a vise, like a prison. I have to sell my trinkets. To eat. To live. So little I make. So little.

The woman would have me rest. But, ach, she worries too much. She says I'm too thin. Who could get fat on her cooking? And yes, I have pains. In my feet I have pains. And who wouldn't? I am on my feet from the time the cock crows until long past sundown. And in my back. And in my shoulder where I carry my bag. The shoulder with the red heart - the mark I was born with. My lucky mark, God willing. The woman says I should rest. It's enough I sit on Sabbath. A day with no income. No few pennies to buy our bread. A small dollop of wine. But no. The woman says no. God says no. I spend the rest of the week making up for that one day.

But today, today will be a good day. Today, I will go to the castle. The Lord has many guests coming. Salem, the wine merchant, told me this. Ah, Salem, a good man and holy. He, too, keeps the Sabbath, but his daughter, she has that tayish, that goat, that goat that hates me. I don't like him very much either, I'll tell you. He butts me when he sees me, this goat. The goat is meshuginah. Simon, she calls him. Why such a good name for such a crazy goat?

I spit on that goat!! Ach. But what was I saying? Oh, yes ...

I will station myself next to the drawbridge over the stony moat. Right where it lets down. Business will be good. Salem tells me the Lord has ordered twelve casks of wine. Twelve! So many people must be coming. Business will be so good!

So now I wait. The crowds will come soon. I will soon have enough for a feast. Some good wine. Some lamb, even. The woman will be happy. Some new cloth maybe, to freshen her sash. Oh, and here comes Salem pulling his cart and his daughter walks alongside, such a good girl and such a help to her father. And that goat, the goat is coming and he sees me and he's coming at me, he's running at me, that meshuginah tayish, oh no, I am trapped I will fall I will fall to the rocks oh noooooo J E R U S A L E M ....

.......... David’s next PLR Session is online now. You’ll be traveling to Deepwater Journal. Part 5 is online there.

Note: David's PLR story is purely fictional. If there are any bloggers in any part of the world who would like to participate in David's story by writing about a 'past life' in a time, place and country you are familiar with, please contact Lilly at lillyslife@gmail.com.


Momisodes said...

W.o.W. You took me there. I could nearly feel his aches and pain, and heavy burdens.

Well done Lou :) Can't wait to read part 5

Vikki North said...

Oh my dear Jerusalem!! This is outstanding, Lou!!!! I absolutely loved it. I can see and hear Yacob. He has graveling old man voice and ‘he spits on this and he spits on that.’

Absolutely fantastic. I read it twice and I will read it many more times. I’m going to forwarding this to several of my friends.

Your amazing Lou.

Lilly said...

Oh WOW. That was so worth waiting for!! Yacob Vobescu what a character and your writing is truly wonderful. I felt I was right there with him. Given my cooking skills this may have been my past life too, he he. You so have to do another one!!!! JERUSELUM indeed!!!! Oh and I fixed that link. Poor David has truly got way more problems than he first thought I am thinking!!!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome - and a wonderful idea as well!
Wish I could write as eloquently, sigh :)

Ndinombethe said...

I envy you your writing ability Lou! I was there with Yacob - I'm particularly impressed with how you tied in the birth mark and Simon!!!

I second Lilly - you HAVE to do another one!

Expat No. 3699 said...

Lou, that was great. I'm so glad I found your blog!

Have a wonderful day.


Christy said...

Are you sure you're not Jewish????

Nice job.

Shadow said...

what a lovely story. in part. i'll have to go back to read the rest. you keep on writing... you do it well.

p.s. the photos aren't mine on my blog... aaah, to have the time for that too. nope, they are all courtesy of google images. only the writing is mine. fyi.

moneythoughts said...

Very well done Lou. I enjoyed reading your piece and was sorry that it ended so soon. If you have never read The Source, I know you would enjoy it. As for being Jewish, many many people don't know if they had Jewish ancestors because being Jewish meant paying a price. As a result, many Jewish men shaved off their beard and put on secular clothes and headed out to new countries and changed their name. Being one of the Chosen People in Europe back then, isn't what it is today in America. Today in the United States, being Jewish, by comparison, is a piece of cake.

Casdok said...

What an interesting idea, and you write so well! Lovely.

Thanks for thinking of me. Its been a very tough week, they have been having to sedate him. But hes adjusting abit. So we will get there. As for me?! Well you know what us mums are like!!

Anonymous said...

This is such a neat idea, and your words are so strong and powerful and really bring it all to life! Your writing is awesome.

Queen Goob said...

Hey Lou - I haven't caught up on blogs for a week but I wanted to stop by and let you know I'm still in the land of the living. Nothing bad happened, kids are great, life's just been extremely hectic BUT look for a new post later today AND I'll be catching up with my friends and reading back-blogs in the next couple of days.

You are so kind to check on me - a true friend indeed.


(you were missing my funny stories, weren't you.)

Unknown said...

To all of you who have commented so far: I am so happy and so flattered by your responses. I don't know what else to say to you, individually, other than Thank You, from the bottom of my heart. You have all been so kind. I am overwhelmed.

Casdok: Thinking of you is easy. You are one of the real sweet hearts out here. How could I not?

Queen Goob: Yes, Marnie, I do miss your funny stories.

Anonymous said...

Lou, what can I say that wasn't said above already? Write a damned book man!!! You have a great imagination.

Soge shirts said...

Take a bow Lou that was good stuff. An artist and a writer. What can't you do.

OHmommy said...

I too eny your style. There is something I love so much about short and fierce fragments. Shows the urgency. Very cool.

Unknown said...

I'm speechless. I didn't want it to end so quickly. I'm sure you've never heard that before.

Audubon Ron said...

The New Jerusalem?

Sounds a bit biblical to me. Maybe prophetic.

Streets of gold?

That is a familiar ring. Humm.

You know, I got a Pastor Feel Good thing going. You’re not muscling in on my turf are you?

Otherwise, good read my brother.

Anonymous said...

Loved it.

You had my attention right up to the last word.

Good stuff Lou.

Jules said...

My my My! What a wonderful breath of fresh air! I absolutely loved it. I don't know if your intent was to have humor when he spat but I busted out laughing when he spat~ ach!
"I spit on that goat! Ach."

Yacob is a darling character! Your description was so detailed and colorful, I could almost smell the streets~ I spit on the streets, PAH!

Very well done Lou.
I can't believe how much fun it is to read all Davids past lives!!

Unknown said...

Just reread your entry for the third time! I could count every hair in Yacob's beard!

And I've known animals that take a particular dislike to one certain person. Mine was a huge rooster that belonged to my friend Alice Halverstadt. I had to use a stub of 2 X 4 to keep his spurs away from my face when I walked by the coop one time!