Monday Meanders

Philip Seymour Hoffman.  Sober for 23 years.  Fell off the wagon and in doing so, overdosed.  I thought he was smarter than that.  I thought he was BETTER than that.  RIP, Philip.  The tragedy of your death lies in the talent you have taken away from us.  We will look long and hard to find your like, again.

Superbowl.  Denver got whooped.  I thought Denver was better than that.  I guess I was wrong.  That said, Seattle's defense demonstrated, once and for all, defense is what wins games.

God, I hate doing taxes.  Going through a year's worth of bank statements, receipts and every other expense record is not a simple exercise.  At all.

There's one COLD day coming Thursday of this week - but a day in the 40s is scheduled for Chicagoland a week from Wednesday.

We are already at 133% of a "normal" Winter's snowfall and we've hardly even broken the seal on February.

I wonder how big the the outcry will be over the blowjob joke that Dannon made in their Superbowl commercial.  You'd thing that Dannon would be better than that.

Ndinombethe, ubuntu.


Big Mark 243 said...

... did not catch the game (imagine that..!) so I missed the Dannon joke... interesting that it would have made such a risque choice with such a big audience...

...I don't know if being "better than that" would have helped Phillip Hoffman... addiction is super strong... even with all the help he could have availed himself to, it is still a one moment at a time kind of battle...