Relaxing at home

Cubs won today. 2 out of 3 so far from the Phillies.  Tomorrow, in an unusual bit of scheduling, will be the last of a four game set.  In these first three games, each game has had an identical score, 5 - 1.  The Cubs have won twice by that score, and the Phillies won yesterday by that score.  Weird.

It was to have been a warm and sunny day, today.  It wasn't.  And then, this evening, it rained.  So the weather has not been as predicted.  But then ... it was supposed to rain tomorrow morning.  It seems the rain get here early - and will stay longer.  I probably won't ride the scoot tomorrow.  Probably.  Won't.

I Finished putting the scoot back together today.  I had hoped to ride tomorrow - I guess I will have to make my decision when I get up in the morning.  I'll look at the weather radar and decide.

I got a whole bunch of stuff done in the garage over the weekend - it's the kind of stuff one does when the weather is a bit iffy.  And I test drove the scoot before the rain came.  It's running great.

Happy work week, y'all.



PattiKen said...

Happy week to you too! (Sorry about the "work" part...)

Big Mark 243 said...

Can you ride the scooter to your job..? Would it be worth it to figure a way around town on your scooter..? I know when I was in the Motor, it made trips last twice as long on my scoot, but it was four times the fun..!