Finale Blog365


Each of you has a fingerprint on me. Each of you has affected me in some way or other. Each of you has added your color and flavor to me and to my blog.

I find myself on the horns of a dilemma. My dilemma arises out of a conflict I'm having within me - on the one hand, I would love to list the names and sites of all the people I have come to know and love in the last year. On the other hand, creating such a list means that those people and sites would appear in some sort of order, and some might infer rank or preference from where they appeared in the list - and that isn't acceptable.

So. You want to know who my people are? Watch my comments. Except for a very few blogs that I go to where there are just so many comments on the posts that the blog owner couldn't possibly have the time to visit the blogs of all the commenters, everybody that I visit comes here and comments. Eventually.

I can do no more at this time but say thank you. All of you. Each and every one of you. Thank you for being here. Just ... thank you.

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Happy New Year. To all of you. A Happy and Prosperous New Year.


Zoeyjane said...

Thank you. For being light in my day and even cleansing breath, sometimes. Happy New Year.

Suzanne said...

Wow, Lou-we did it! Posted every for a single year!

I have to thank Joyce-Anne for insisting I come check out your blog. While the post a day requirement is over, I'm hoping that you still post frequently.

Who else is go through major withdrawal not reading our favorites every day?

Jientje said...

Thank YOU for being here, thanks for the daily read, thanks for the little "peep" into your life and your mind you give us by writing a post each day, (even if you tell us you got laid, heehee!)but overall thanks for being a friend.
Congratulations, you finished blog 365, I hope you don't loose the habit now, I want to keep on reading you as much as possible. You're my daily addiction! Hugs Lou, and a very happy New Year to you and your family. May 2009 be a year full of happiness and good health.

Shadow said...

happy new year to you, sweet louceel! thank you for all your insight and your friendship over this past year. i can't wait to see what you will be up to in 2009. and congratulations. on your 365 consequtive blogging days!!!! you made it!!!!!

Myst_72 said...

~*Happy New Year Lou*~
So pleased to have met you in 2008.
Looking forward to an awesome 2009!
Congratulations on 365 posts!


Anonymous said...

I thank YOU!

And Congratulations :)

witchypoo said...

Wow, you did it! (I knew you would, but wow)
Congratulations, Lou. Now, take a day off.

Nan Sheppard said...

Yay! Congratulations! Now don't stop entirely, or we'll be sending you emails and it would take way too long to reply to 97 emails every day that say "Whatcha doin'?"

Happy New Year Lou, love from your entire harem.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lou.. I am thanking you. Simple as that.

Happy New Year my new friend.

calicobebop said...

Happy New Year! Congrats on the Blog 365!!

Joyce-Anne said...

Congratulations!!!! Wow, a whole year of blogging completed. I bet it feels good to have accomplished such a feat.

Wishing you and your family a very Happy and Healthy New Year!

Melissa said...

Congrats! And I'm glad to have found you, too. :) But if you don't post every day next year, at least spend that time on your art.

Anonymous said...

I felt the same way. I couldn't possibly begin a list. If I did, though, you would be right there. On it. In my heart.

Your Friend Mishelle

Emily/Randomability said...

Yippee!! you do it!

Have a Happy New Year's eve.

Patsy said...

I will continue to watch for the days that you post. I will miss reading you everyday -- I will miss your wit and your wisdom. You have enriched my life.

Be well and be happy.

Christy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christy said...

What a great accomplishment! And you've touched so many....

It's going to feel weird for you not to have to do it everyday, huh?

Rebecca (Ramblings by Reba) said...

I am writing a post with links... of people I know of who completed Blog 365. There are more people than I'd thought.

And, yes, I'm likely to leave someone out... Sigh... but I'm doing my best. :)

And yay for you! WHOO HOO!

Anonymous said...


Congrats! Awesome! High fives!! Cheers!!! (later, not drinking at work today).

You're the man, Lou....have a fabulous New Year's Eve.

No, thank YOU. You're one of the most amazing people I've had the pleasure of meeting through blogging :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your blogging accomplishment! Have a great New Year's! More to come in 2009.

Anonymous said...

Merry New Year!
You did it!

Honeybell said...

Congratulations Lou! You know it's funny, Sometimes I feel like screaming "INTERNET! PLEASE STOP!" There are so many fantastic people and blogs out there, I could never visit and acknowledge them as I would like. I am however, very glad I've found you.

www.ayewonder.com said...

I couldn't let this day pass without recognizing your determination and perseverance. Not only were you singurlarly focused on the finish line, you gloriously entertained us all for 365 days. What a F-in feat. Congrats, Lou. You deserve our respect and love. Well done.
And a Happy New Year to you and your's.

Eve Grey said...

Happy 2009 sweet Lou.

Unknown said...

Zoeyjane: Happy New Year to you, too. You were born on a very special day - and you will always be special to me because of that.

Suzanne: Yes, we've done it. And it will be, I think, a hard habit to break. So why break it?

Jientje: Thank you, Jientje. You have become MY habit, as well.

Shadow: And a Happy New Year to you, too, V. I wonder, too, what 2009 is going to bring.

Myst_72: And I am so pleased to have met you, as well.

Nicole: Thank you, Nicole.

Witchypoo: Maybe one. But not tomorrow.

Nan: I'm not going to stop. But from now on, I will post because I WANT to.

Kim: And a Happy and Prosperous New Year to you too, Kim.

Calicobebop: Thank you, ma'am. Happy New Year to you, and yours.

Joyce-Anne: It feels incredible. Happy New Year, dear.

Melissa: I will be doing more art work - and that's for sure.

Secret Agent Mama: Mishi, you are such a sweet heart. Happy New Year.

Emily: Happy New Year to you, Em.

Patsy: I honestly don't know how often I'll be posting. But I don't know how to stop, either. And I don't want to stop.

Christy: It may feel weird to have the challenge removed - for the process to become completely voluntary - but it would feel weirder to stop.

Rebecca: Thank you, Reba. I'll be interested in seeing that post.

Huckdoll: Coming from you, that is high praise, indeed. Happy New Year, Huckdoll.

Bama Cheryl: Certainly more to come in 2009. Happy New Year to you, Cheryl.

Miss Ash: Yes, I did. Happy New Year, POHA.

Honeybell: Thank you so much. I'm glad I've found you, as well. You may be the only blogger in Kansas, maybe, but I'm so glad I found you.

Ayewonder: Thank you, Mike. And a Happy New year to you and your gorgeous better half.

Eve Grey: And a Happy New Year to you, too, Eve.

Expat No. 3699 said...

Hey there, Lou. I've barely been on my computer for the last few weeks. I've been keeping up on you, just haven't been commenting.

Congrats on 365 in a row. What an accomplishment!

Wishing you, Annie and the rest of the family a very Happy and Healthy New Year.

Take care, friend.


moneythoughts said...

It's been fun reading your blog every day. I am glad you got something back in return. Have a Happy New Year, and, hopefully we will be reading each other's comments in 2009.

Take care and be well.

Anonymous said...

Whew, 365 done, just like that. You are amazing.

So glad I've gotten to know you this year. I know I already said it, but I mean it. It's worth saying again.

The best to you and yours heading into 2009.

Momisodes said...

I still remember sending you a friend request during NaBloPoMo. One of the best decisions I made. I can hardly put into words how grateful I am for your friendship, and the opportunity to follow your writing, poetry and art.

It's been a hell of a year, and I look forward to 2009. I am grateful that you were by my side through Blog365. And I am thrilled to see you here as we cross the finish line.

Happy New Year!

Julie said...

Dude -- first of all, I absolutely do not want to know where exactly my fingerprint is on you. Really.

Secondly I have to tell you I enjoy seeing your comments on various blogs I visit, especially since you can be such a guy about things. I mean that in a good way. I love guys. Guys are fun and goofy and obsessed with boobs.

But more than the boob obsession, you are really good at the supportive and empathetic comments. That you care about people you have never met shows in so many of your kind and caring comments.

Happy New Year, Lou. I hope 2009 is everything you could wish for (and boobs.).

Unknown said...

This post sounds so final-farewell-ish. I hope you take some MUCH needed breathing time and continue to blog on a regular basis. I'm sure you will...you've so much to say.

Happy New Year, Lou.

Julie said...

C'mon. That teeny snowman completely looks like a penis...

And now, just for you, I will be on the lookout for various snow formations that look like boobs. I may have to enlist my husband in this project. He's boob-obsessed too.

Julie said...

Oh, yeah, and now you can't quit blogging completely...because otherwise you might miss my snow boobs.

Unknown said...

Employee: You take care, too. And Happy New Year.

Moneythoughts: Happy New Year, Fred. And I'm sure we'll be reading each other's comments all year long.

Maggie's Mind: Thank you, Maggie. Have a Happy New Year. And no more 'apartness', okay?

Momisodes: Happy New Year to you, Sandy. And congratulations on making your 'one lap around the sun', too.

Julie: There can NEVER be enough boobs. I'm just sayin'. And you have a Happy New Year, too.

Hyphen Mama: There are NO final farewells here - except to 2008. You're stuck with me - well, unless you just decide not to come here anymore. Happy New Year, Jenny.

Julie(again): Like I said - MORE BOOBS!!! And like I said - I am NOT QUITTING - or maybe someday I will. But not tomorrow. And that gets explained tomorrow.

hockeychic said...

Congratulations on 365! Thank you for your words and giving me a nice place to come by and read.

A Happy and prosperous New Year to you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Lou!!! What an accomplishment.

Happy New Year to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lou,

I know I'm late (and slack) I have been slack all over the place. Not just here. Happy New Year my friend.
Happy New Year

Jessi said...

Wow, congratulations! That's impressive!