A Rare Day

Today is one of those rare days ... a day off that doesn't cost me a sick day or a vacation day. Today is a comp day. Payback for the extra time and effort expended on behalf of the Compnay during what otherwise would have been my own time. Being a salaried person and a member of 'Management', I don't get overtime and there's a certain expectation of service. Be that as it may, it also is just the way I am - I can't leave a job undone, I cannot let things be if I'm aware of a problem that affects the Company systems. I have never been a 'leave it for the next guy' kinda guy.


Jientje said...

So? Are you going to write today?
Or try that new stool and paint?

I never thought you would be a "leave it for the next guy" kind of guy!

Kelley said...

Take a day mate. Take a day for you and do something wonderful! Or nothing.

Myst_72 said...

I hope you had a great day off, and actually rested.
And maybe painted, or wrote....or did nothing at all...


Shadow said...

enjoy it! do nothing. do everything. do just what you want to do.

Nan said...

A day off! And so many possibilities! We await something creative!

Patsy said...

1001 Honey Do things can wait -- enjoy your day. I love those *comp* days. Robert gets one occasionally also. And there is nothing wrong with a strong work ethic. It would be nice if more people had one.

Tash said...

oohh paint Lou paint... you need to!

maggie's mind said...

Ah, comp days. The best kind and too rare, indeed. Enjoy!

witchypoo said...

That's how I roll too. Now, if somebody would only see that and hire me instead of the payday flu wonderkinds out there.

Ash said...

Congrats! You've earned it!

Hyphen Mama said...

I hope you get some much earned R&R!
I'm taking a day to slow down, too!

Joyce-Anne said...

My husband and you are so much alike. He also works long, hard hours "to get the job done". I think the two of you have very strong work ethics and employers appreciate it. I'm glad you finally got a day off. :-)

anglophilefootballfanatic.com said...

I hope you enjoyed the much deserved day off. Hubby has been working ALL the time lately - and this includes typing in the 16 digit code to log in from home. I am terrified when all of his vacation he hasn't taken will mean he'll be off almost all of December. What will I do with him for a MONTH! EEK.

Momisodes said...

Hope you had a lovely day. You certainly deserve it for how hard you've been working lately.

Here, I'll even have an extra slice of apple pie just for you ;)

Lady Language said...

Great day to take off considering and enjoy the warm sun. Hope you made the best of it!

Trannyhead said...

The only thing worse than the "leave it for the next guy" type is the "that's nto my job" type! I hope you had fun!

LceeL said...

Jientje: I got canvas ready to paint on today.

Kelley: I did. It was a lovely day.

Myst_72: I painted, I wrote, I did nothing at all. And had a great time.

shadow: Exactly what I did.

nan: I am contemplating the decor for my stool.

patsy: From oyur mouth to God's ear. More of them, for sure.

tash: I'm getting the canvases ready for a project for my son and daughter-in-law.

maggies mind: Annie complains I don't take enough time - she may be right.

witchypoo: I wish I could help.

ash: Thank you, ma'am.

Hyphen Mama: You've been going like crazy lately. Take that day.

Joyce-Anne: Your hubs sounds like a good guy.

AFF: Some imagination here, yes?

Momisodes: You are so lucky I DON'T live across the street - because that pie would be gone before you EVER got close to a bite.

Lady Language: I did. A good day.

Tranny Head: Could have had MORE fun except Annie was just too busy.

Eve Grey said...

Yeah! We call them "flex" days. Love 'em.

Nicole said...

Glad you get some time for the time you put in - that's how we did it in my last job.
Hopeyou had a great day!

Jennifer said...

glad you had a day off... you deserve it... and 10-6 was a special day... it was my girls' bdays! :) i'm glad you were off having a good day on the day that we were celebrating three years of double trouble!! lol

have a good one!!