Haiku Friday

Haiku Friday

Song on the iPod
makes me dream of other things
a flight of fancy

takes me far away
to places I've never been
nor likely to go

I am so diff'rent
young and so strong and vital
always so in dreams

Song on the iPod
slowly, and so sadly sung
away goes my breath

I am lost in sad
the song of melancholy
touches me, my heart

I wallow in it
I remember old things, times
I taste and savor

Song on the iPod
speaks to ancient memories
And they stir my soul

the beat of the Celts
I dream of the sword in hand
kiss of Boudica

I am strong again
heart beats fast and breath comes quick
we ride against Rome

the song does not last
it changes and so do I
a new dream is come

Song on the iPod
a ticket to ride, somewhere
I love my iPod.

It seems so many are at BlogHer. And they're not blogging, apparently. Partying, perhaps? Having pictures taken with Lotus' bewbs, THE RACK I love so much? For those who DON'T understand that reference to Lotus' BEWBS, go here and poke through the last couple of posts. Just for grins, mind you. Or a leer or two.


Shadow said...

music and memories go hand in hand, don't they. very nice!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lou!
You're breaking my heart.
That was so beautiful.

Rebecca (Ramblings by Reba) said...

Hi! I'm not BlogHering. I'm here. :)

Unknown said...

Shadow: They do. And thanks.

Tiff: Thank you. Give a kiss to Ivy.

Rebecca: I know. I'm watching.

Ndinombethe said...

So true Lou. Music takes us places. Love it. And now I have lots of it in my car hahaha

There's no BlogHer in Trinidad.

Christy said...

I like the Beatles reference....

A blogging convention. What next?

Sounds like fun. Too $$$$ for me right now, too.

Alice said...

I'd like a list of the songs inspiring the haikus please.

Vikki North said...

Beautiful Haiku, Lou: 'The cycle of life' with a contemporary spirit. Very endearing.


Tara R. said...

I loved the haiku... songs to evoke so many memories, good and bad. Nicely done.

Does Lotus know you're jonesing for her bewbs? They're kinda like the Travelocity Gnome. Too funny!

Tara R. said...

Oh yeah, I blogrolled ya... hope it didn't hurt. :P

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful and awesome and completely captures how music touches me, moves me, reminds me, takes me places, makes me long for something. I sang at the top of my lungs, tears rolling down my cheeks this morning on the way to work because some songs do that to me, and I am grateful that I can experience them the way I do. Glad you can, too. :)

Expat No. 3699 said...

Wonderful! I've printed this out so that I can share it with my mother, who does not go on the internet.

Thank you again, what a great way to end the week.

Elizabeth said...

What were listening to Lou?????

Unknown said...

Yes, I too, love how a song will take me back in time. Sometimes the story is happy, sometimes the story is sad. When the story is sad, I try hard to create a new story for that song. It rarely works. The story is the story... the story cannot be changed at this late date.

I must be the only person on the planet without an ipod. Damn. Youth is falling farther and farther from my grasp.

Unknown said...

tash: You should have one in Trinidad. I have 4 or 5 readers there.

christy: Caught that, huh?

Alice: It's on your latest post.

Vikki: Thank you - so much.

tara: Yes, she knows. It's the one thing in the world she can be sure of. And thank you, it felt so gooood.

maggies mind: That was sweet.

Employee No. 3699: You're MORE than welcome.

Elizabeth: 'Portrait' from 'The Celts' CD by Enya. It's only 1 minute 22 seconds long, so I had it set to repeat.

hyphen mama: I swear I love the way you work.

Momisodes said...

Crazy. You just described my night last night. Only my iPod was playing jazz. An wonderful haiku. Your words echo so much of my own thoughts. Nothing evokes more emotion and inspiration within me than music. It's my drug.

I took the dive and posted my 100 words AND a 'Ku today. See what happens when I listen to my iPod?

Unknown said...

Sandy: Yes, I HAVE seen. Both. And the are both won der ful.

Elizabeth said...

I love that cd! That was my first introduction to Enya. I think I have everything she's done. My musical tastes are quite eclectic!

moneythoughts said...

I don't own an ipod, nor do I want one. I'm a strange duck when it comes to music. Most of the time, I like the sounds of silence. I listen to classical music when I go to bed. It is true music takes you back in time and fills you with great moods and emotions, but the ringing in my ears gives me enough to listen to and to block out. Liked your poem nevertheless, Lou. Have a great weekend.

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

You seriously managed to ku about Boudica? You are so amazing, Lou. Inspiring.

Anonymous said...

music does do something to us.

It has taken me to places and then at times, made me long for others.

Well done Lou

Lotus (Sarcastic Mom) said...

Masterku'er! :-) Songs stir such memory and emotion, don't they? Seems like hearing an old song can instanly take you back to a different age, and your mental atmosphere suddenly feels like it's shifted.

Holly said...

Ooh, you're a haiku-er! Songs take me places, too. Sometimes I have to remind myself I don't have to let my feelings give into them, but they usually do....

Manager Mom said...

Oh Lou, your haiku is lovely. So that makes me even more afraid to tell you that if you are a BEWB MAN, I am NOT your gal. I'm a 34 negative A. Will you still be my friend?

Unknown said...

Elizabeth: I also have everything Enya has on CD.

moneythoughts: Thanks, Fred. To each his own. I fond comfort and company in music. Maybe, being ADD, it's a distraction I can manage.

AFF: I sent you an email with links to Boudica post and pictures.

warriiorwoman: Thank you. I owe you a massage. (wink, wink)

Lotus: Thank you. They do set thte mood, at least for me.

holly: Oooo, Holly. You give in to music? Have you ever heard Ravel's 'Balero'? Wait for me!!

manager mom: BEWBS are attractive, and fun (sometimes), but if there's nothing between the ears the BEWBS aren't enough to keep me interested.

Maddy said...

Yes one big jolly. ['jolly' is foreign for party!]

As for the ipod, I just download radio programmes, no music, no jolly, just grumpy!

Eve Grey said...

Amazing poem.